You Snooze, You Win

Lazy Cat Takes a SnoozeSometimes it pays to be lazy. This, according to Leslie Carr of Cumulus Networks in an interview she did for Tech Target Search Networking. Carr, who describes herself as an “automation guru,” has been a network engineer for some big name companies, including Twitter, Craigslist and Google. At Google, she learned batch scripting to automate lots of repetitive manual processes. In her words:

“I always think the best sysadmin is a lazy sysadmin because it’s like, ‘I don’t want to have to keep doing this over and over.'”

That’s the spirit of automation, something we believe in strongly here at Entuity. Our network management system is built to automate lots of tasks with features like auto-discovery and rediscovery, continuously updated inventory, dynamically updated topology, scheduled reports, and more.

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