You Shall Receive Great Customer Service

genieAsk and you shall receive. I often use this line when responding to customers who ask when Entuity is going to support a certain feature because; 1) we place a high priority on customer service and work closely with our customers to meet their needs, or 2) Entuity already includes the feature they want, which reflects another important part of our commitment to customer service–taking input from customers on product enhancements.

One customer who recently upgraded to our latest release asked when we would be increasing the number of custom dashboards we allow from 5. I explained to him that we already had and that he could quickly increase the number to 20 custom dashboards by using the web UI and to 50 custom dashboards through a simple edit to a configuration file. He now has a much greater ability to tailor the specific metrics, events, reports, and other information he needs and to have that focused information at his fingertips.

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