Wanted: PhD in Network Management Software. High Salary, Great Benefits, Hold Us Hostage, Please.

We live in turbulent times.

I had a very interesting discussion with a retail customer recently. I guess the retail business experiences employee turnover more than other areas, and the IT department is no exception.

A key issue to them was expertise. They look for technologies that can be quickly learned by their IT staff. Having a network engineer spend three months learning how to operate an older framework, only to have them leave, is obviously counterproductive and expensive.

Given that “turnover happens”, they look for tools and technologies that can be learned quickly. They look for ‘skills transferability’, so that they are a) not held hostage by an internal “expert”, and so that b) they have staff flexibility.

We have a university customer who routinely uses grad students to operate and maintain Entuity. Obviously, grad students come and go yearly, if not more often (semesterly?). They claim that a student can be internally trained in a morning, and can be generating custom reports that afternoon. Cool.

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