Vattenfall Uses Entuity to Implement Centralized Network Monitoring Operations

IT Team sees reduced costs, increased operational efficiency and a unified global view across the entire network

Boston, USA – London, UK – (Marketwired – June 2, 2015)Entuity®, provider of enterprise-class network management solutions, today announced that Vattenfall, one of Europe’s largest generators of electricity and producers of heat, has centralized its network monitoring operations across all segments and countries using Entuity as an integral component of their overall use of BMC TrueSight Operations Management

A Lot of Territory to Cover

Vattenfall has approximately 6.2 million electricity customers, 4.3 million electricity network customers, 1.9 million gas customers and over 30,000 employees. The Parent Company, Vattenfall AB, is 100%-owned by the Swedish state, with headquarters in Solna, Sweden. Vattenfall’s IT monitoring operations were separately deployed across three main regions, including Germany, Sweden, and Poland. As a result, the company faced several challenges stemming from this decentralized monitoring approach.

Specifically, each region was monitoring its part of the network using different tools with different levels of monitoring capabilities. One region was using a large, legacy framework network management solution, while the others were using multiple open source or low-end monitoring tools. Each region had to maintain skills with their own products, and each bore its own costs of monitoring. The company also lacked a global view of the network.

Centralizing IT Operations

As part of a corporate-wide initiative, Vattenfall decided to engage in a project to centralize their entire IT monitoring operations in Poland. Entuity, along with BMC TrueSight Operations, with which Entuity has a tight integration, were chosen to replace the solutions currently deployed across their regional operations centers.  “Entuity along with its integration to BMC TrueSight allowed us to consolidate a lot of functionality that was spread out across many locations,” said Andrzej Ciupa, Monitoring & Remote Operations Manager for Vattenfall. “It helped us move from a disjointed set of tools that were costly to manage, to a centralized way of monitoring the entire network consistently, proactively, and efficiently.”

Meeting the Challenge

Entuity was easily able to meet Vattenfall’s challenge to centralize their monitoring and give them extensive control and visibility across the network. But the company is also impressed by the responsiveness of Entuity Support. According to Ciupa, “Working with Entuity’s Support team is so different from our experiences with other vendors where we’ve made requests and then waited for months only to get no response or ‘no’ for a response. Entuity gets back to us quickly and does their best to help us do everything we need to do.”

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