How to Add a User Defined Event Threshold in Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)

How to add a User Defined Polling Event Threshold in Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)

An Introduction

This article is going to show the overview of User Defined Polling functionality and how to configure events for user defined attributes in Entuity Network Analytics to manage your network.

What you’ll Learn

  • User Defined Event
  • User Defined Event Threshold
  • Entuity Network Analytics
  • Network Management


3 min

In the video tutorial where I demonstrated the creation of a user defined attribute and mentioned that events can also be generated. This blog will show you how to configure event threshold for user defined attributes by editing that same attribute. If you have any questions about adding a user defined attribute, please click here and view our latest blog, or our tutorial video here.

This is the attribute we created in the previous example and it measures the number of currently established TCP connections on a device.

You can re-edit it by clicking the edit button.

Next, to select a device to work with.

Then go to the events tab and choice of using one or more thresholds, or looking for specific status values as the polaroid in this case returns an integer value. I am going to opt to use a threshold. The first three threshold options can be used to detect the polled value exceeding a threshold setting. The last one marked low allows a value dropping below a threshold to be detected as well. I will use the first one that’s labeled critical but note that this doesn’t necessarily imply the severity level. That’s controlled by the event that it will raise and that can be adjusted.

All the thresholds currently configured in the system are now listed. I have the option of choosing one if it’s appropriate. In my case, there isn’t a suitable existing threshold so I will create a new one.

I am going to give it a suitable display name to override the default setting. Related thresholds can be grouped in the UI and you can provide the name of a threshold group for this purpose. I will leave it ungroup for now which means it will be shown in the UI in a threshold group called user defined. I am also not going to define a unit and it isn’t appropriate for this example. I will eave the minimum and maximum limits on the threshold range with their default settings but adjust the default to be 8.

That can now be selected and that’s all you have to do to create the user defined event.

ENA Tips:

The idea of combining multiple sub-reports into a higher-level report can be taken to yet another level if you build sub-reports by combining other sub-reports together. The main point to remember would be that when placing sub-reports side-by-side, their combined widths which are defined. So when you build a sub-report, pay attention to not exceed the width allocated in the final report. Another point you should remember when you build a report and you’re considered to be its owner, which allows you to modify its configuration at a later date via this icon.

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