The Top 8 Pain Points for IT Professionals

1.) Low Budgets 

Although IT departments have been under enormous pressure to embrace digital transformation fully, their budgets are severely underfinanced.  The costs of services and tools can add up quickly. Companies often attempt to cut costs in an effort to save money and budgets are often the first thing targeted. In a perfect world, IT budgets would be as high as they need to be to ensure digital optimization.  However, departments are forced to make do with what they are given, but often it’s not nearly enough.

2.)  Lack of Communication Between IT and Upper Management 

This is a huge issues facing IT organizations.  So large that we have a whole blog dedicated to it.  Back in November I wrote an article about how the lack of communication is a barrier to digital transformation.  If you want a more in depth analysis of this particular pain point, please follow this link

3.) Lack of Technical Knowledge from the Higher Ups and Users

IT professionals know that their job consists of helping coworkers and clients with their technical problems.  However technical issues that are minor, or could have been independently troubleshooted take up a lot of time and energy.  IT professionals often find themselves assisting people with basic IT needs because they cannot do it themselves. This in turn can get frustrating, whether it’s spending time fixing a simple problem, or explaining to a boss how a piece of technology works.  Meetings that should normally be fast are then dragged out because the IT professional must explain the ins and outs of the tech. While it is unfair to expect every higher up to thoroughly understand the complex world of IT, widespread common IT knowledge among the entire company would save the professionals time and resources.

4.) Lack of Training

If you haven’t noticed by now, all of these points relate to one another.  As you get further down the list you will see how combinations of these pain points lead to additional pain points.  The overall lack of training is an issue within IT departments, and it stems from an overall lack of technical knowledge. Although it goes both ways. Users that do not receive adequate training from the IT service cannot and will not be able to work effectively, and it will come back as a ticket in the IT professionals inbox.  Proper training both within a team and for users will ensure overall technical success, and save time and resources in the future.

5.) Company-wide Disconnect

Sound familiar?  For a task to begin a strategic plan needs to understood and implemented.  However company-wide disconnect does not allow for this to take place. Siloed information causes confusion and makes it nearly impossible for everyone to be on the same page about a task at hand.

6.) Security 

Security is easily one of the biggest priorities of any IT team. Data virtualization has revolutionized the way that IT works butis costly, and it has also made organizations more vulnerable.  We live in a day where a breach of security can have detrimental effects on an organization. Not just in terms of data loss, but customer trust as well. Budget cuts inadvertently lead to security cuts, something neither the organization or the customer want.

7.) Network Issues

A company could lose millions due to a network issue, and it could happen at anytime.  Small budgets mean cutbacks or a total absence of network management tools, however these cuts could end up costing the company more.  While free tools do exist, they are not nearly comparable to paid solutions in terms of features, network visibility or customer support.

8.) Lack of Understanding of Where the Future Lies

The digital world is rapidly changing.  New technology is at our fingertips, new ideas are brewing, and even the system in which tasks are accomplished is changing. Everyone is talking about it, just not with each other. Senior management cannot connect with IT professionals, and IT professionals cannot connect with senior management.  The reason the line of communication has been severed is because of the lack of understanding of where the future lies. Plans cannot be made effectively because no one can see a clear picture of the future. This pain point is the result of several of the previously discussed points. This cause of this is uncertainty of what next year’s budget will be, and a lack communication, technical knowledge and overall disconnect.

These eight issues feed off each other, and lead to more problems.  IT departments are the core of business success, and should not be plagued by these issues.  IT professionals need to focus on what matters, not what solution to cancel or cut back on as a result of the latest budget cuts, or worry about projects not being complete because of the communication barrier between them and their bosses. No workplace will ever be completely perfect, however when it comes to the importance of IT, these pain points will hinder business success and should be addressed.
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