The Year Was 2003…

The year 2003, a year when “French Fries” became “Freedom Fries” and then changed back to “French Fries”, when JK Rowling finished her fifth Harry Potter book, and when an Austrian actor became governor of California. It was a year when “Mission Accomplished” meant “We still have a long way to go”.Mission_Accomplished windows

It’s also the year Windows Server 2003 was released, and it sure went over well. Such a fine piece of technology should be able to uphold its responsibilities for centuries.

Cut to 2015, when this Windows version is just about completely obsolete. Sure it still runs, but not to the standards a modern network needs to operate efficiently. In fact, Microsoft will be ending all support for Windows Server 2003 by July 14 of this year. So now you are stuck with old technology, and you need an upgrade fast. What do you do now?

Andy Patrizio of lays out a step by step guide in the article “Still Running Windows Server 2003? Here’s Your End-of-Support Plan”. It’s a great guide to read before making any big transitions. Also given in the article is why it is imperative to the health of your business to upgrade, even if things seems to be operating just fine at the moment. Because support will be ending, if and WHEN you have a problem with the server, you’ll be on your own.

And, please, for everyone’s sake, make sure this mission is ACTUALLY accomplished.

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