The Non-tangibles Become Tangible

phone supportWe recently changed over the entire phone system in our London office.  After four years, the equipment failed, and it was time to update.  As we did so, we also changed vendors.  Why?

It occurred to us that, for four years, we had put up with horrible support – we were the victims of fraud at one point, and the vendor did nothing to support us with the main telecom provider.  The phone system could go down for a day before they came out to repair it.  No big deal, right?  What high tech software company needs to communicate to the outside world?

So it was time to put in a new phone system.  Though our original vendor offered lower terms than a competitor (though, note that they submitted their bid 48 hours later than they had promised, and while our phone system was STILL down!), we decided to pay a bit more with a vendor who seemed more eager and supportive for our business.

Are we unique?  I don’t think so.  In these tough economic times, we all look to conserve cash, but at the same time, we also want to focus on our business, not silly infrastructure issues unaddressed by unresponsive vendors.  We see the same thing with network management.  We’re talking with a half dozen companies today who intend on replacing their existing frameworks, simply because their frameworks are difficult and expensive to maintain, and the vendors are deaf.

All change is not bad.

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