The Impact of IBM’s Watson on Network Management

IBM WatsonArtificial intelligence is waiting around the corner to spread its influence around the world. We have seen AI applied in many aspects of life already, but rarely to a point of full autonomous thinking and behaving.

This technology is actually pretty close to impacting our everyday lives. Experts are saying that many industries will be completely transformed by IBM’s new Watson technology, as well as other similar AI systems. One industry, in particular, would be network management.

Imagine a network with devices that could think for themselves? If every switch, router, or server could direct data flow to its top efficiency on its own, would we even need configuration? What if devices could sense problems in a network and adjust to them automatically, or even further, fix it on its own? The potential for AI in a network is endless.

If anything, AI could improve a network’s functionality because it may be able to see things a human brain cannot. AI is not just about numbers and facts anymore. Computers are getting creative. Because the AI can look at the entire system at once, it would be able to bridge connections and spot trends that even the smartest humans on Earth wouldn’t have the mental capabilities to see.

Hopefully this technology wouldn’t replace hard working network managers; however, we cannot be certain anymore. The future of AI could mean the permanent loss of jobs to computers that are better than we ever were in the first place. Although our networks would be strong, regenerative, fast, and nearly indestructible, what costs are we willing to give up to see that?

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