The (Half) Year of Software Defined Networking (SDN)

We’re about to enter the next half of 2015, and this year we have seen an industry movement that’s redefining the network.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) has grown within the industry a lot so far. Different innovations have made this growth possible, and has chosen the top 7 SDN Innovations in the past 6 months. The list includes:

  • SD-WANSDN_7_playing_cards
  • Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform
  • ONOS distributed controller architecture
  • OpenConfig
  • Facebook 6-Pack
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Cavium XPliant Switch

SDN is becoming a necessity in standard networks. It allows companies to utilize their equipment better than ever, and creates faster speeds for the increasing use of high broadband activities. To read more on SDN, check out our past blog series, “Software Defined Networking: Now, Never, Don’t Know? A 10-Part Series”  to learn more about the subject in greater detail.

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