The Deal with Dark Themes

Dark themed software has always been immensely popular. The vibrant colors against a dark background create a popping rush of data that is pretty to look at. In addition to its visible appeal, dark themes offer a visually less harsh environment to analyze data. Companies get many product requests of their products community platform, and many of them are requesting dark themes for products. Their reasoning is simple, its easy on the eyes and it’s visually appealing.

Take a look around your office. How many screens are there? Guaranteed there are at least 3. Maybe a computer or two, a smartphone, a smartwatch or a tablet. Amongst the fastest moving technology trends is the internet of things, and it is expanding. With the increase of screens our eyes focus on throughout a given workday, there is growing concern about the impact that has on one’s health, particularly the eyes.

We’ve all said it at least once in our lives, “ouch I’ve been looking at a screen all day”. Our eyes need to strain daily to read dark letters on light backgrounds since the moment we first check our phone in the morning to when we turn them off. Individuals that work heavily on computers such as developers and system engineers know that there is an easy solution to sore eyes, dark themes. Dark themes are growing immensely popular, not just for health reasons, but also because they are visually appealing. The hint of science fiction nostalgia floods us as we are emersed in a dark software that stands out on the screen.

So if so many users are asking for a dark theme option, why aren’t there more dark-themed options on the markets? The issue has either has two answers, either the dark theme too complex to program or the company is not dedicated enough to user experience. Communities and help sites are places where users can share information and solve problems, but they are also places for users to air their grievances–particularly when they feel as though the company is not listening. Dark theme requests often fall among the top feature requests by users, but so few software make this feature available. Some companies would rather their features and software capabilities outweigh usability. While adding features and capabilities is essential for business growth, user experience is just as important.

Entuity Network Analytics offers both a light screen option and a dark screen option for our users. Our users asked, and we delivered. If you would like to read more about this, please read here .

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