Tait Communications Press Release

Tait Communications Chooses Entuity Network Management to

Monitor Managed Services Infrastructure

Entuity Helps Tait Managed Services Ensure 24×7 Availability for Mission Critical Networks

Boston, USA – London, UK – (Marketwired – October 6, 2015)Entuity®, the absolute best source of network insight, has been selected by Tait Communications, a global leader in designing, delivering and managing innovative communications solutions, to monitor their managed services infrastructure.

It can be easy to take for granted that important public services and utilities, such as police, fire, and electricity, will always be there when we need them. But there’s much that goes on behind the scenes to keep them up and running. As experts in designing, delivering, and managing innovative communication solutions, Tait Communications recently began offering managed services to further support customers running mission critical networks. With its highly flexible architecture and enterprise class features such as multi-tenancy, Entuity network management helps Tait ensure around-the-clock availability and fast onboarding of new customers. Plus, Entuity’s seamless integration with BMC TrueSight Operations Management enables visibility across the entire IT environment.

From their strong position as innovators in radio communication technology, Tait realized that their customers required a way to manage their increasingly complex, vital networks. After a comprehensive evaluation, Tait chose Entuity to manage the network infrastructure for the managed service solutions.


“Entuity monitors the network in real time, and it has allowed us to keep customer satisfaction at high levels by giving them deep insight into what’s happening on the network,” said Matt Whitaker, Service Management Centre Senior Engineer for Tait Communications. “We’re impressed with Entuity’s capabilities and believe its well-designed architecture suits our business model very well.”

Network outages present extreme hazards for Tait’s customers. Entuity’s federated architecture allows Tait to apply and follow the same cross-consolidation model across their two service management centers to support a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Tait also benefits from the operational efficiency of Entuity’s multi-tenancy feature, which allows them to segregate customers for individual management, while also managing these customer networks on a central console. In addition, because Entuity’s architecture is built to scale easily and quickly, the company can add new customers without additional staff or overhead costs.

According to Michael Jannery, Entuity President and CEO, “Tait Communications demonstrates the importance of having a network management solution that’s built from the ground up to support the requirements of businesses, including MSPs, for whom it’s imperative to stay abreast of the needs of their customers. It’s also critical that they can do this while continually improving the efficiency and profitability of their own operations. It’s these kinds of business concerns that we had in mind when first designing Entuity and which continue to guide our decisions as we add and refine features.”

Lastly, Tait wanted an integrated solution with the BMC tool suite. Entuity effectively handles the real-time infrastructure monitoring and feeds that data into BMC TrueSight Operations Management to proactively detect and automatically resolve performance issues. “We were looking for a set of best in class tools and we have found it with this platform,” said Steve Kingston, Tait Managed Services Development Manager.

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