Switch That Switch!

With ever-increasing use of WiFi on an increasing number of devices can make a network manager’s head spin! Let’s face it: We need more money invested in our networks! If you want to keep a campus full of students happy, or an office full of employees productive, you’ll need the right equipment that will handle the increasing traffic.

Sure network management software is a great, cost-effective way to increase performance (wink, wink), but sometimes it comes down to hardware, especially switches. Outdated switches can have resonating impacts in a network, but without making a strong Network_switchesargument on paper, you may not be able to convince the boss to invest the money in an upgrade.

NetworkComputing.com has published an article entitled “5 Reasons to Upgrade You Network Switch”, and it highlights areas in which a new network switch can dramatically improve performance:

  1. Wireless Influx
  2. Gigabit Wireless
  3. New Features
  4. Demanding Applications, such as Video
  5. Aging Switches

So make a switch and switch out your switches! Your network will thank you for it. And for an even more difficult challenge, try saying “Switch your Switches” 10 times quickly.

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