meraki network device support

ENA offers full support for the Cisco Meraki cloud-hosted management platform, and all Cisco Meraki network devices.

With the Cisco Meraki cloud management platform giving users centralized control and visibility of both wired and wireless Meraki hardware, Entuity Network Analytics helps you deliver optimal performance across your entire Meraki inventory.

We provide intelligble and manageable data and insights into your Meraki kit and cloud controllers and put it in the context of your wider network, thanks to ENA’s unified network management architecture.

Support for the Cisco Meraki cloud-hosted management platform

Cisco Meraki’s real-time cloud management platform enables users to manage networks from the cloud. Entuity Network Analytics helps you ensure best performance from your Meraki cloud management platform.

    Three methods for gathering data

    ENA uses three methods to obtain data from Meraki devices in order to provide the full set of management information required:

    • direct SNMP queries of the Meraki devices.
    • SNMP queries of the cloud management platform’s SNMP agent.
    • RESTful API queries to the cloud management platform.

    Visibility of all devices managed by the Meraki cloud

    • router + firewall + IDS + IPS + SD-WAN (MX series).
    • switches (MS series).
    • access points (MR series).
    • cameras (MV series).
    • phones (MC series).
    • endpoint management.

    Quick and easy management

    You can take the Meraki cloud management platform under management with ENA as easily as you would any other device, and we make it straightforward whether you have a single- or multi-server deployment.

    In multi-server environments, you can manage the cloud management platform from any Entuity server. A consolidation server pulls data from Cisco Meraki cloud managing servers via RESTful API, consolidates it and pushes the data as needed to remote ENA servers which are SNMP managing the same Meraki devices, for complete visibility of the Meraki platform. You can also enable or disable this data push on a per-server basis as best suits your business. Polling of the cloud management platform is conducted hourly to ensure all cloud data is up to date.


    Specific dashboards for
    at-a-glance insight

    Our Meraki network device support harnesses the full functionality of ENA’s powerful dashboarding feature. Deep dive down into each network, organization, device or component, with all insights providing easy access to connected and associated objects on the network.

    Cloud Controller Summary dashboard

    • Key Info
                — Type
                — Name
                — Management Level

    • Organizations
                — Name & ID. Drill down into each
    • Type Licenses
                — License type
                — License count

    • Network
                — Name & ID. Drill down into each
    • VPN Peers
                — Name & public IP. Drill down into
                    each VPN peer.

    Network Summary dashboard

    • Key Info
                — ID
                — Name
                — Timezone
                — Type
                — Tags
    • VLANs
                — List of VLANs on this network. Drill
                    down into each VLAN.
    • Devices
                — List of devices belonging to this
                    network. Drill down into each device.

    Organization Summary dashboard

    • Key Info
                — Name
                — Type
                — Organization ID
    • Type Licenses
    • Network
                — Name & ID. Drill down into each
    • VPN Peers
                — Name & public IP. Drill down into each

    VLAN Summary dashboard

    • Key Info
                — Name
                — Appliance IP
                — Subnet
                — DNS servers
                — Comments
    • Meraki VLAN Reserved IP ranges
    • Meraki VLAN Fixed IP assignments

    VPN Peer Summary dashboard

    • Key Info
                — Name
                — Public IP
                — Private subnets

    Device Summary dashboard

    • Key Info
                — Management MAC
                — Name
                — Serial Number
                — Network ID
                — Model
                — ‘Claimed’ date
                — Public IP
                — Status of device to cloud
                    management platform connection
                — LAN IPs
                — WAN IPs
                — Cellular failover status
                — Location (latitude and longitude)
                — Tags
                — Geographic (postal address)
    • Incident Summary
    • Events Over Time

    Entuity proactively highlighted areas to address before they became service-impacting issues, allowing us to ultimately provide better services to our customers.


    Kristin Morris

    Manager, Network Management Applications, Dell

    It is vital that our network is running to the best of its availability at all times. Entuity has enabled us to make effective use of capacity, as well as identify faults before they have had any significant impact.


    Manager of Network Services

    Large Financial Services Company

    Entuity satisfied our network management system requirements with its all-in-one solution—minimizing the number of tools we need, helping us manage our costs and deliver services more effectively.


    Mike Faust

    Network Design Engineer, University of Minnesota