Stay Ahead of Network Outage Mayhem

“40.07% of all network problems are experienced and reported by end-users before network operations is aware of them” states Shamus McGillicuddy at EMA Research.   Adding to this mayhWarning Turbulence ahead signem are enterprises who use between 5 – 15, unintegrated network monitoring tool kits that make it even more inefficient to gain timely clarity on network issues.   Don’t be a member of this 40.07% exclusive group.  Integrated, smaller sized tool sets eliminate data silos and can quickly sort out what is responsible for network outages.  There are no “all hands on deck” emergency meetings necessary, and an integrated solution eliminates all that departmental finger pointing.  Entuity network management is designed just for that purpose—as an all-in-one enterprise-class NMS solution that contains all the functions to manage a network.  From Netflow, configuration and virtual management; to topology, discovery, fault, event management and more, Entuity equips IT organizations with an integrated, proactive network management solution.

“Entuity has allowed us to consolidate a lot of functionality that used to be spread out across many locations. It helped us move from a disjointed set of tools that were expensive to manage, to a centralized way of monitoring the entire network consistently, proactively, and efficiently.”  Vattenfall, a leading European power company.

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