How to Utilize Static Dashboards in Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)

How to Utilize Static Dashboards i Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)

An Introduction

This article shows you how to simply create and utilize Static Dashboards in Entuity Network Analytics(ENA) covering a variety of components during the network management process.

What you’ll Learn

  • Static dashboards
  • Create Dashboards
  • Create Dashlets
  • Entuity Network Analytics
  • Network Management



Dynamic VS Static Dashboards

Both Dynamic and Static Dashboards refer to the way in which information has displayed. The setting for these are shown in Dashboard Types menu and is available when you’re creating a new or editing an existing dashboard.

Dynamic Dashboards take their contents from the context that you’ve selected in the Explorer. So if you change the context in the Explorer, the dashboard will update accordingly.  

However, Static Dashboards don’t have a context. They’re only visible from My Network View, so they’re only visible in the List of Dashboards under All Dashboards menu. If you look at your list, you’ll only see the Static Dashboards when you’re on My Network View.

Let’s create a Static Dashboard now. Just a quick reminder: Static and Dynamic Dashboards are totally different on ENA Entuity Network Analytics. Learn how you can easily distinguish them during the network management process from our latest post.

Static Dashboards for Multiple Locations

Previously, we have basically gone through how to create a static dashboard on ENA for a specific location. Now let’s have a look at another example of a Static Dashboard in terms of different Locations, Devices, and other components. From the last example, we’ve actually created a dashboard focused on one of our locations – New York. The image below shows the Summary Dashboard interface focused on My Network View. Each dashlet is using a fixed object and it’s focused on a specific View which is the New York Headquarters View.

However, if we get multiple Locations, Devices or other components to be shown on the dashboards, how should we create a Static Dashboard covering all these? For example, I have got both New York and Florida Locations, so I am going to create a dashboard that is focused on the East Coast.

Below is the dashboard on the East Coast View I have created and I’ve got a number of dashlets set up in this dashboard. Each one of these dashlets is focused on a different fixed object.

  • For an East Coast View that includes any type of issues and incidents for any devices in either location, I’ve got dashlets that look at Topology both for Florida and New York Locations correspondingly.
  • Also, we’ve got Device Status Dashlets that are set up to look at device issues for each location. Actually we could take this a step further to look at the routers in each location and use a Chart Dashlet to look at the CPU Utilization over time.

How to Create a Multi-location Static Dashboard?


Incident List Dashlet

Similar to the first dashlet we created for New York HQ Summary Dashboard. Click on Create Dashlet button and choose the Incident List Dashlet. Settings are shown below. If you take a look at this as a Preview, you are able to see that there are a nice roll-up of Open Incidents and Open Events that are happening in both New York and Florida.


Device Status Dashlet

Take New York HQ location as an example. Here are the settings for it and you are able to set up another similar Device Status Dashlet for Florida DC location.


CPU Utilization Dashlet

You have to focus on a specific device when you try to create those dashlets. As the image shown below, you can still use a fixed object but actually, pick a Device instead of a View. So you’re not limited to the objects that you’re using as a Fixed Object. In this case, using a Device can show you a chart presented time series data in a time-series element. You can do the same thing for the New York Router. If you are looking at an up-to-date View of the CPU Utilization for each router, this is an important concept to leverage because you can use this to focus on any combination of Locations, Devices or other components that you need to for a Fixed Static Dashboard.


Map Dashlet

The same type of setting with the Map Dashlet where you are focused on a different View for New York and Florida.

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