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All Network Management Software is Not the Same

Experienced IT managers know that all network management solutions are not the same. Some network management vendors claim their products provide functionality equal to higher-end solutions, while others say they offer just enough of the necessary functionality to manage an enterprise network at a fraction of the price. But enterprise class network management solutions are purposely made for—you guessed it—enterprise networks, from their architectures and advanced functionality to the philosophies behind them. Entuity is an enterprise class network management solution, built from the ground up to meet the needs of medium to large enterprise networks. As such, its depth and breadth of intelligence set it apart from lower-end tools, but it’s also different from other enterprise class solutions that are built on old-style “legacy” multi-product models.

Entuity Benefits

  • Fully unified—single web UI for everything
  • Automated discovery, rediscovery, reports, topology, fault, and performance
  • Actionable data just a few clicks away
  • Business reports tailored to executive management
  • New devices and technologies on demand
  • Massive scalability with no loss of coverage
  • Seamless integration with key platforms and party 3rd systems

How is Entuity Different from Other Network Management Solutions?

First, Entuity is a unified solution with all the core functionality needed to manage the network within a single software stream. Each part, including an embedded database and web server, is made to work with all the others out of the box without the need to integrate multiple products or modules. Second, all functions share a common set of data, which means various  kinds of data—fault, flow, elemental and application performance—are presented side-by-side for a holistic view of the network. Third, Entuity’s extensive automation of day-to-day tasks not only increases efficiency, but leads to highly accurate data. And isn’t that the purpose of any network management system, to provide actionable intelligence that has strategic and economic value to the business? We think it is. In fact, we’ve built Entuity around that philosophy. Technology is great, but must serve the business, and Entuity does, from an architecture that scales in two clicks, to an embedded Event Management System that combines powerful, web-based filtering and rule setting, to a uniform web UI that puts deep network information at your fingertips, to industry-leading reports that tell you in business terms exactly how the network is supporting end-user services and the organization’s goals.

Entuity Network Management software offers all these features in a single solution

Continual, Automated Discovery

Entuity network management offers automated discovery to continually scan your network for an always up-to-date, detailed inventory of network assets and the dependencies between physical and virtual devices, servers and applications. Information about device interface cards, power units, CPU boards, installed memory, fans, temperature sensors and more is just a few clicks away. The depth of the discovery process means that Entuity provides more data about your network than any other network management solution, allowing organizations to detect and reuse previously unknown capacity, save on unnecessary hardware expenses, quickly assess the impacts of outages and rapidly prioritize issues.

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events   event rules

Event Management & Root Cause

Video: The Entuity Embedded Event Management System Entuity network management provides realtime monitoring of network devices and interfaces to enable IT staff to detect, isolate and troubleshoot problems with unsurpassed efficiency. Entuity suppresses events behind a root cause, calculated from dynamically updated topology information, to avoid raising misleading downstream events. An advanced embedded event management system organizes data into higher-level “Incidents,” raised in response to one or more events. This helps prevent event storms and adds focus to situations that may impact business services. Ready to run out of the box, the system:

  • Includes predefined rules based on the best-practices of customers worldwide
  • Provides web customization for handling network events based on defined conditions and workflows
  • Enables unresolved incidents to trigger built-in automated escalation and notification features

Integrated Application Flow

Video: Entuity Flow Analysis features One of several unique features of Entuity network management is that it provides for the collection and visualization of netflow data within a single product. This enables the display of flow data side-by-side with performance and availability information for quick and effective correlation. Integrated Application Flow monitoring, which comes standard, provides detailed utilization of individual links and a breakdown of traffic by source and destination, protocols or applications used and QoS classes. Users can observe traffic patterns in realtime or as historical trends. For those wanting deeper insight, Entuity offers Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium (IFAP). IFAP offers advanced analytical capabilities, including realtime visibility into top conversations, extensive reports with 1 minute granularity, custom breakdowns, adjustable data retention settings and more.

Entuity Network Management Flow Summary Entuity Integrated Application Flow

Elemental Performance

Videos: Entuity SNMP Trap Handling, Entuity Flow Analysis features Entuity network management continuously monitors key aspects of network performance to provide early warnings of degradation, helping to protect users from costly business interruptions. Entuity performance data can be used not only for troubleshooting, but also for long-term trend discovery and capacity planning. Entuity uses a variety of methods to determine overall network performance including SNMP, syslog, LLDP, SONMP, flow, QoS, IP SLA (DHCP, UDP, ICMP, HTTP, and Jitter), SOAP web services and XML, and other APIs to extract management data from other application managers, such as Cisco Unified Call Manager, VMware vCenter Server, and Oracle VM Manager.

Virtual & Physical Management

Video: Entuity Virtual Switch Support Entuity network management provides unified visibility to physical and virtual networks and the boundaries where they meet, even as they dynamically change. Features include:

  • Single screen for viewing physical and virtual network environments
  • Continual, automated discovery of virtual and physical IT infrastructure assets
  • Rapid modelling of virtual and physical objects to be put under management
  • Support for VMware, Oracle and Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisors
  • Support for Cisco’s newest next generation data center devices, the Nexus 1000v, 5000, and 7000 families.
  • Support for vSwitches (standard and distributed) for access to internal networking configuration of virtual servers without the need for direct access to additional virtualization management application. Also extends Hypervisor display to include vSwitch details
  • Automatic capture and presentation of operational and performance details of ESX Servers, virtual machines, physical servers, and network infrastructure devices for insight into their interaction and dependency
  • Flexible Service Mode for creating and monitoring business services including those using web protocols
  • Full featured reporting and data visualization functionality for correlating vast amounts of data in realtime

Entuity Network Management Virtual Physical Device Management Entuity Network Management Virtual Device Monitoring

Entuity Custom Dashboards Entuity Device Inventory Report

Reports & Dashboards

Videos: Entuity out-of-the-box reporting,  Entuity Embedded Dashboard Panel Reports,  Entuity Report Builder Overview Entuity network management offers the industry’s most usable and comprehensive set of business and technical reports and UIs that cater directly to the needs of a business oriented audience:

  • Over one hundred out-of-the-box network management reports
  • Built-in custom report builder with drag-and-drop ease
  • Built-in custom dashboards for defining any combination of reported elements on one dashboard
  • Graphical summaries showing the reachability of network devices and status of services, with drilldown capabilities
  • Business-focused reports that provide business-centric dashboards for fast visibility into strategic technologies and services delivery

Using the Entuity custom report builder and interactive charts, users can choose various analytics from just about any product screen and use them to evaluate custom datasets, either individually or in combination, via powerful correlation and aggregation capabilities.

Configuration Management

Entuity includes a flexible, fully integrated Configuration Management System that enables users to automatically push configurations to thousands of devices and ports within single and multi-server environments. This improves both operational efficiency and the accuracy of network information by reducing manual labor and the risk of errors.

Configuration scripting occurs “under the hood” through the web-driven creation of “tasks” that allow users to pre-configure and validate configurations. Users can easily share tasks and schedule when they should run. The Configuration Management System is fully integrated with all of Entuity’s other functional areas, including the Event Management System, which provides visibility into the failure or success of configuration jobs as they complete. Both SSH encryption and Telnet are available for pushing configurations. The system supports both single and multi-server deployments, with the latter done through an Entuity consolidation server. This allows users to define tasks once, and have them passed onto and executed by the remote polling servers. The Configuration Management System is included in the base Entuity product at no additional license cost.

configuration management screen shots

Entuity Network Management Configuration Monitor showing router configuratin details

Configuration Monitoring

Video: The Entuity Configuration Monitor Entuity network management provides built-in configuration monitoring to help IT staff detect and understand content and configuration changes, automatically detect and report policy violations and enforce configuration best practices across the enterprise.

Topology Maps

Entuity’s topology maps offer are fast, feature rich, and offer and unprecedented network visibility that is readily available to enable proactive management. Topology maps are directly tied with Entuity’s network Views feature so that all users can easily see the entire hierarchy of views in the topology maps.

Other features include the option to display port-level event information on their parent device in maps, a non-polling node that allows additional non-managed devices and clouds to be represented, the specification and storing of manually added physical links to the topology database from the map itself, and the ability to include multiple maps in dashboards—ideal for organizations that want a “big screen” display in their network operations center.

Entuity 16 topology map 1 Entuity 16 topology map 2

Internet Connectivity Monitoring Leased Line Port monitoring

Cloud Certification and Support

Entuity network management software is cloud certified, delivering high performance and efficiency that is equal to its on premises installations. For both enterprise customers and managed service providers (MSPs) alike, the ability to run Entuity in the cloud means faster deployment of servers, reduced capital equipment costs, and the opportunity to host another valuable cloud-based service for their users.

Entuity delivers extensive automation to ease management of the dynamic nature of cloud environments as well as comprehensive support for managing private cloud services and technologies—especially virtualization. At the same time, public cloud adoption leads to intentional loss of some control over IT assets. With Entuity, however, network connectivity does not have to be one of them. Moving services to the public cloud presents its own challenges to network teams, including how to:

  • Monitor and report on connectivity from front offices to cloud servers
  • Measure the network performance and latency of cloud based solutions
  • Assess the availability of ISP services and detect outages
  • Understand and control traffic between corporate offices and the cloud
  • Assess bandwidth needs and trends for seamless expansion of cloud usage

Entuity lets you measure availability and performance to and from the public cloud, giving you valuable insight into how well it’s supporting your business. You can monitor and report connectivity and latency of in-cloud servers and applications, and even pinpoint outages down to IP addresses in the Internet. And Entuity’s rich reporting and alerting features for service oriented networks let you see just how effective cloud based services are for improving your organization’s productivity and profitability.

Tablet UI

Video: Entuity Tablet UI Features The Entuity network management mobile interface delivers a selection of capabilities designed to be used from touch sensitive tablets, PCs and hybrid or convertible devices. These capabilities include up-to-date lists of network incidents and detailed knowledge of the state and behavior of network infrastructure components that would allow administrators to make timely decisions about whether action is needed and who should drive the solution.

Entuity Tablet UI report

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