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SurePath provides realtime discovery of the actual network paths used by applications, giving both IT infrastructure and business application teams deep insight into the exact network components their applications depend on as well as persistent monitoring of those paths used by critical applications.

Now integrated in Entuity 16.5, SurePath will transform the way you manage your applications.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Realtime discovery: Finds the actual path taken by application traffic between 2 points anywhere on the network.
  • Realtime events: Automatically alerts to status issues, path changes and device/port outages.
  • Layer 2 and 3 coverage: Maps devices and ports forming the path between any two network points with layer 2/3 visibility.
  • Agentless: No software agents or hardware appliances needed.
  • Low overhead: Independent of routing and switching protocols. No flow record required (Netflow, SFlow, etc).

Entuity includes built-in traffic flow monitoring for complete network visibility. A lightweight Integrated Flow Analyzer module, which is included with the basic product, can be a vital resource for locating the cause of flow-based issues throughout your network. For those needing more detailed analysis, Entuity also offers the optional IFA Premium module, which greatly extends Entuity’s flow-based capabilities


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Offers true, converged flow-based network management
  • Enables realtime visibility into top conversations
  • Allows custom breakdowns for analyzing flow data
  • Provides extensive reports with 1-minute granularity
  • Offers features for advanced analysis
  • Accepts Netflow, sFlow, IPFIX, jFlow, Netstream, and Cisco ASARequires minimal administration
  • Supports virtrually unlimited scalability
  • Enables reports to be exported to common formats

Entuity allows you to leverage your investment in Cisco IOS®, using Cisco IOS IP SLAs to collect real-time network performance information, for example response time,one-way latency, jitter, packet loss and web site download time. Cisco IOS IPSLAs also provides the mechanism to monitor per class traffic over the same link.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Simplifies and centralizes the setup and configuration of Cisco® IOS IP SLA
  • Allows existing IP SLA operations to be monitored
  • Delivers full and automatic support for an extensive set of IP SLA operations
  • Allows monitoring of, and reporting on, realtime network performance information including latency, jitter, packet loss, and web site download time.

Entuity Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) module manages Cisco®Unified Communications Managers within the context of the overall network. Configuration change and UCM availability are monitored and alarmed. All UCM information is integrated within Entuity for reporting. The Entuity UCM Module can also be used as part of a VoIP solution.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Monitoring of UCM configuration
  • Retention of polled readings for both interactive exploration and reporting purposes
  • Gathering of device pool, IP phone, Gateway, Gatekeeper, Voice-Mail device, Media device, CTI device and H.323 device inventory and inventory change details
  • Events generated against UCM CPU utilization and UCM processes
  • Monitoring of the UCM device performance, raising events when appropriate.

Entuity Data Export Server Module unleashes all of the current and historical data gathered and maintained by Entuity and makes it exportable for external reporting applications. Network data now can be used in conjunction with other parts of business analysis reporting creating a big picture composite.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Streamline business reporting and display processes with customizable automated network performance data feeds
  • Easily combine data from various business sources to improve accuracy and speed of infrastructure decisions
  • With performance data independent of Entuity, users are free to use the display or reporting technology with which they are most proficient, saving time and effort
  • Scheduled data feeds from Entuity’s breadth of network details simplify automation and synchronization to end-to-end management systems, peer management applications, or federated CMDBs
  • Tailored to the precisely required data, Entuity data feeds improve integration accuracy and performance of reporting processes
  • Formatted for use in the popular commercial display or reporting applications, Entuity data can “connect the dots” between IT infrastructure performance and business service levels
  • Aligns technical data to business needs for a more robust service management strategy
  • Increased flexibility of data export enables a broader range of network management reports for specialized applications

The Entuity Green IT Perspective Module is designed to effectively implement and manage Green IT Programs based on IT infrastructure devices. Conserving power, reducing operations costs and maximizing infrastructure resources are some of the tangible results achieved through implementing a Green IT program, which also adds significant value to a network management system’s ROI.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Configurable dashboard includes the statistics, reports, and reference materials to keep employees knowledgeable and contributing to the program’s success.
  • Reporting capabilities to visually show details about corporate compliance to policies, ROI visibility for financial savings along with power and CO2 reductions.
  • Monitors and reports on shutdown policy conformance at the program, group, and individual device level giving insight to foster additional savings.
  • Provides the IT device power consumption details necessary to cost-effectively balance capacity demands with power utilization.
  • Identifies underutilized servers and ports so hardware can be retired or servers can host additional virtual machines — either way saving the company money.
  • Configurable for regional representation of currency and power measures.
  • Enables capacity management to maximize resources by identifying and remediating performance issues through underutilized server and spare port analysis and reporting.

Entuity Managed Hosts delivers actionable information for proactive maintenance, hardware and software upgrades and replacement, and software and firmware patchings. The Managed Hosts Module also discovers packages, details inventory, generates events through polling, and integrates with Entuity’s existing reporting tools.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Extends Entuity’s management reach for supporting managed hosts
  • Populates information to the Entuity Configuration Management Database
  • Depth and type of managed hosts performance and resource information suits security control and system maintenance
  • Integrates managed hosts with Entuity’s reporting tools
  • Generates events via polling

Entuity MPLS IP VPN module gives visibility to MPLS IP VPN configurations in the context of your overall network to reduce administrative complexity and improve overall network performance. Entuity helps customers using current generation MPLS-enabled networks maximize this mission-critical data-carrying service and make knowledgeable and informed capacity planning decisions.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Allows monitoring of MPLS IP VPN configuration
  • Retains polled readings for both interactive exploration and reporting purposes
  • Fully integrates with Entuity, including other modules, for example, Entuity Cisco IP SLA
  • Provides VPN performance interface report

The Entuity Quality of Service (QoS) module places QoS details within the context of network device availability and performance, thus reducing QoS administration and improving troubleshooting and mean time to repair. The module also provides a detailed inventory of your QoS configuration as well as realtime monitoring of the performance of each interface.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Automatically discovers critical configuration details and presents them in the context of overall network performance
  • Provides control over resources, with visibility into the current and historic
    utilization of resources, such as bandwidth and devices
  • Enables efficiency of network resource usage through greater visibility into what your network is used for
  • Allows delivery of services through close monitoring of the traffic flows that are most important to your business

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