Seamlessly integrate Entuity and SurePath for a powerful yet practical solution for troubleshooting and monitoring application paths.

  • Consolidated Entuity-SurePath user interface
  • Automatic population of Entuity Services using SurePath paths
  • Fast path creation via Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium
  • Viewing of paths in Entuity topology maps
  • Use of Entuity for external authentication

Ease of use

The Entuity-SurePath integration provides a consolidated UI and enables fast drilldown from the Entuity navigation tree to path information.

Persistent proactive monitoring

Paths can be viewed in Entuity topology maps. Highlighting a path allows immediate visibility into path status and fast identification of changes and unusual behavior such as unexpected reroutes.

Accelerated path creation

The ability to use Entuity Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium to create paths allows users to take advantage of existing information, accelerating workflow.

Application focused management

Paths can be placed into Entuity Service views and treated as “super components” representing the combined current behavior of path sub-components. When the status of a path that’s part of an Entuity service changes, the service status also changes.

Greater path detail

Status overlay can be displayed over a path to show the weakest links based on available capacity. Spare capacity history on a port-by-port basis helps to uncover bottlenecks that have happened over time. The Utilization overlay indicates the most utilized devices.


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