Deep network visibility for your ServiceNow environment.

Entuity network management software integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow for a complete view of service delivery across ServiceNow BSM environments. With its powerful embedded rules-based Event Management System (EMS), Entuity dramatically improves the relevance and actionability of network data sent to ServiceNow.

Entuity’s integration with ServiceNow delivers these important benefits:

  • Boosts visibility and control across the entire IT environment through a centralized console.
  • Reduces escalations and improves the relevancy of event information that ServiceNow receives. Typical reduction in raw events is 90% or more.
  • Enables faster event processing by ServiceNow and faster integration of network event information.
  • Shortens MTTR and lengthens MTBF.
  • Eliminates event storms and improves focus on the most important events.
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The Entuity Event Management System Summary screen shows how the system works, from incoming events, through pre-storage and post-storage processing. Entuity combines multiple events into Incidents, which are raised in response to one or more events to indicate a situation that needs attention.

How does it work?

Entuity seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow by pre-processing network events into higher level “incidents”—a combination of multiple events. It then forwards incidents to ServiceNow to integrate network information into the rest of the IT infrastructure.

All of the events from the monitored IT environment, including network events/Incidents, are displayed at the ServiceNow console. From there users have direct access back to the Entuity EMS web UI in the context of the same component that raised the event or incident. This allows them to quickly drill down for deeper information.

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