Entuity Network Management for Dell.

Enterprise class network management for Dell customers.

Enterprises are looking for contemporary and reliable ways to keep tabs on their complex networks. As a Tier One network management solution for Dell customers, Entuity in partnership with Dell:

  • Provides an automated, easy to use, unified solution employing the best network management in the industry
  • Offers an alternative to disparate network tools and high maintenance, decades old platform solutions
  • Broadens the availability of Entuity solutions throughout the world wherever enterprise class networks are deployed with Dell or multi-vendor equipment

Entuity integration with Dell Foglight


How does it work?

What’s in it for me?

  • Entuity seamlessly integrates with Dell Foglight by pre-processing network events into higher level “incidents”—a combination of multiple events.
  • Entuity forwards incidents to Foglight to integrate network information into the rest of the IT infrastructure.
  • A bidirectional integration allows users to cross launch Entuity from the Foglight interface in the context of the device/component that was the source of the event.
  • Reduces the number of escalated network events.
  • Enables faster event processing by Foglight and faster integration of network event information.
  • Improves the relevancy of the event information that Foglight receives.
  • Enables single-screen event management.

Dell integrations diagram

We are truly delighted to expand our partnership with Dell to include Dell Networking.  Entuity has always been the best choice for enterprise class network management and now we have a solid commitment and opportunity to provide our advanced technology to Dell customers, some of the most powerful network users in the world.

Michael Jannery, president and CEO Entuity

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