Cisco aci

SDN Monitoring

Entuity Network Analytics monitors the APIC and Nexus kit ACI runs on, and alerts on any failures.

SDN monitoring

APIC and NEXUS Visibility

Monitor your Application Centric Infrastructure

Entuity Network Analytics automatically detects physical endpoints as they come online and monitors the performance of the APIC (Application Policy Infrastructure Controller). Combine this with data pulled on the Nexus kit that ACI runs on, and you have a comprehensive set of metrics that allow you to manage ACI all in one place. Events can be raised on the APIC and Nexus kit, and correlated with other Entuity events so you know how these contribute to your network’s health and performance.

Cisco ACI Monitoring

Entuity proactively highlighted areas to address before they became service-impacting issues, allowing us to ultimately provide better services to our customers.


Kristin Morris

Manager, Network Management Applications, Dell

It is vital that our network is running to the best of its availability at all times. Entuity has enabled us to make effective use of capacity, as well as identify faults before they have had any significant impact.


Manager of Network Services

Large Financial Services Company

Entuity satisfied our network management system requirements with its all-in-one solution—minimizing the number of tools we need, helping us manage our costs and deliver services more effectively.


Mike Faust

Network Design Engineer, University of Minnesota