San Fran’s Data Collection Has Startups Buzzing

The city of San Francisco is about to make a majorly minor change to their city’s infrastructure. The Golden State city will be installing antennas at its libraries for the low-power, wide-area network.

The antennas will help collect data from thousands of sensors and meters around the city to help better understand patterns within the population. This LPWAN will only be collecting from small equipment, ones that can run for a full year on one battery.

This practice is already under place in San Fran, with a parking meter program that changes rates based on demands and street traffic. The antennas are being installed to also attract business to the city. With so much data being collected publicly, many startups and san francisco1entrepreneurs have the ability to create new innovative technologies and applications based on the collection. The impacts of a few new companies using this data could improve the lives of residents and bring in tax revenue dollars for San Francisco in the long term.

Other cities have used this method with great results. The city of Chicago uses a technology that tracks over 400 snowploughs using GPS during blizzards so residents can know which streets are being cleared without having to risk driving in the snow or ice.

To see the original story, check out Computer World’s article “Power-sipping San Francisco Network Could Have IoT Devices Buzzing”.

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