SurePath Application Path Monitoring

SurePath provides realtime discovery of the actual network paths used by applications, giving both IT infrastructure and business application teams deep insight into the exact network components their applications depend on as well as persistent monitoring of those paths used by critical applications.


  • Real-time Discovery: Finds the actual path taken by application traffic between 2 points anywhere on the network.
  • Layer 2 and 3 Coverage: Maps devices and ports forming the path between any two network points with layer 2/3 visibility.
  • Realtime Events: Automatically alerts to status issues, path changes and device/port outages.
  • Agentless: No software agents or hardware appliances needed.
  • Low Overhead: Independent of routing and switching protocols. Uses SNMP (read-only) and ICMP. No flow record required (Netflow, SFlow, etc).
entuity network management dashboard
SurePath automatically discovers the actual path between a user and application server or between data center servers, including managed switches, routers and ports. Automatic rediscovery every 5 minutes keeps path information current. A reference path shows deviations in the actual (current) path.



Application Driven Network Insight

Delivering the best experience to users requires understanding exactly which network paths applications are traveling over at this very moment.

SurePath uses patented algorithms to automatically discover—in less than 30 seconds—the actual paths that interconnect clients and servers (or servers and servers) delivering an application service between two points anywhere on the network, with layer 2 and 3 visibility. SurePath closes the gap between network and applications management to provide deep insight about how well the network is facilitating end user satisfaction. SurePath gives both IT infrastructure and business application teams:

  • A practical yet powerful monitoring of key application paths used by a representative set of users.
  • Deep insight into the parts of the network underpinning applications.
  • High quality application delivery through automatic alerts to changes in application paths that may negatively affect end users.


Platform: Windows Server 2008 (R2 and SP2) and Windows Server 2012, 64-bit; Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux, 64-bit; Microsoft Hyper-V Server, and VMware ESX/ESXi Server.

Web Browser: Certified for use with Internet Explorer 10 or later, Firefox 24 ESR (Extended Support Release) or later, and Google Chrome 35 or later.

Deployment Options: Can be deployed standalone or in multiserver deployments with SurePath linked to an Entuity server or linked to several remote Entuity or SurePath servers.


Optional Integration with Entuity Network Management

An optional integration with Entuity Network Management (v15) helps maximize the value of Entuity and further focus network management strategy on high quality application delivery.

Features include: automatic population of Entuity Service Views using SurePath paths, a consolidated user interface, viewing of paths in Entuity topology maps, accelerated path creation, and more.

surepath path history dashboard
SurePath generates realtime events to warn of outages on network components that interconnect key applications. It also retains path history for up to one week to enable ongoing path management.



Why Other Path Monitoring Solutions Can’t Compete with SurePath

  1. Application monitoring: Only useful for monitoring application components.
  2. IP SLA: Only available on Cisco devices, requires changes to router or switch configurations, cannot measure true end-to-end availability and performance and must be configured prior to use.
  3. Traceroute: Only supplies Layer 3 path information (no Layer 2).
  4. Packet capture: Resource intensive, expensive. Data is stale by the time it’s analyzed.
  5. Flow Monitoring: Netflow, Sflow and other flow technologies are resource intensive and often impractical for monitoring all devices.

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