Entuity Managed Hosts Module

Entuity Managed Hosts delivers actionable information for proactive maintenance, hardware and software upgrades and replacement, and software and firmware patching. The Managed Hosts Module also discovers packages, details inventory, generates events through polling, and integrates with Entuity’s existing reporting tools.

  • Extends Entuity’s management reach for supporting managed hosts
  • Populates information to the Entuity Configuration Management Database
  • Depth and type of managed hosts performance and resource information suits security control and system maintenance
  • Integrates managed hosts with Entuity’s reporting tools
  • Generates events via polling
Managing Hosts

Entuity Managed Hosts extends Entuity’s management reach to support for Managed Hosts. Entuity Managed Hosts allows the gathering of inventory information such as package version and installation date. They also monitor the dynamic use of resources, including memory, disk space and CPU, and in the case of an anomaly generates real-time events. Entuity Managed Hosts includes three specific host event types: low disk space, CPU utilization and memory utilization. These alert to potential problems in host performance.

Discovering Managed Hosts

Hosts are discovered as part of Entuity’s standard discovery process using the same methods as for other devices, for example, routers and switches. Once one or more hosts are discovered, Entuity displays a Managed Hosts folder in Component Viewer. Until a host is discovered, the folder remains hidden. All host ports are discovered and monitored in a similar manner to router ports. Managed Hosts have one port sub folder within which discovered ports are detailed.

entuity network management dashboard
Key performance data available at a glance
Discovering Packages

Host packages have their own separate discovery process, which is inactive by default. Package discovery may be enabled for one, many or all hosts through the WebUI’s Threshold Settings. Once enabled, you can define how many packages are discovered for each host. Where a device contains many packages, you may want to limit the number discovered.

Detailed Inventory of Managed Hosts

Entuity provides full visibility into the managed host, automatically identifying and managing a host’s configuration, for example:

  • Chassis data, including software, firmware and hardware version numbers
  • Resources, specifically memory, CPU utilization, numbers of users and processes
  • Packages, including date of installation and version number
  • Ports, including inventory, availability and status details

This inventory is maintained in real-time. Also available are current performance and availability metrics. All information is available in specific Reports, or can be used in the custom Report Builder

Entuity Managed Host Events

All events are generated via polling, although you can include trap based host events using Entuity’s extensible trap handling system. Threshold based events are configured with a system-wide default but can be overridden at the individual host level. Entuity manages hosts as devices, and device and port events are raised against hosts, for example, port unavailability and device congestion. Entuity also raises events against specific Managed Host information, including disk space, CPU and memory utilization.

Reporting on Managed Hosts

Entuity Managed Hosts integrates with Entuity’s reporting tools, and Managed Hosts are included in device reports, for example:

  • Device Inventory and Device Module Inventory Reports. When run as inventory change reports they clearly show configuration changes
  • SLA, Traffic, Fault and Inventory Interactive Queries. Entuity’s Drag and Drop custom Report Builder allows you to create your own reports
Underutilized Servers Report
Underutilized Server Report helps identification of server consolidation
Detailed Inventory listing all installed packages on the Managed Host
Module Availability

The Entuity Managed Hosts Module is included core functionality within Entuity. Entuity runs on Windows Server 2008 (R2 and SP2) and Windows Server 2012, 64-bit; Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux, 64-bit; Microsoft Hyper-V Server, and VMware ESX/ESXi Server.


This module extends Entuity’s management reach to support for managed Hosts. Managed Hosts information is populated to the Entuity Configuration Management Database (CMDB), and is available through the WebUI, Component Viewer, and both standard reports and the custom Report Builder. The depth and type of Managed Hosts performance and resource information is suitable for security control and system maintenance.

For More Information

For more information, please contact your Entuity sales representative or write to us at info@entuity.com.