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Entuity—The Absolute Best Source of Network Insight


Today’s businesses need deep insight into how the network is supporting its critical applications and initiatives. Entuity’s continual, over arching strategy is to be the absolute best source of network insight—deep inventory, topology, health, performance, and dependency—in the industry, feeding modern Analytic and APM frameworks, as well as the more “traditional” BSM frameworks. In doing so, networks will be far more reliable and productive, and the businesses they support, including enterprises and cloud and service providers, will be efficient and thrive.




Integration with ServiceNow


Entuity enterprise network management (as of version 16) integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow to add real-time network monitoring and a complete view of service delivery across ServiceNow BSM environments. With its powerful embedded rules-based Event Management System (EMS), Entuity dramatically improves the relevance and actionability of network data sent to ServiceNow.


Whereas ServiceNow event management prioritizes events from components across the IT infrastructure, Entuity specializes in the pre-processing of network events and turning them into actionable “Incidents.” A combination of multiple events as defined by an operator, Incidents eliminate event storms and improve focus on the most important events.

Entuity ServiceNow Integration

By feeding network events and Incidents in real time to ServiceNow, Entuity streamlines event notification and reporting and enables efficient root cause analysis across IT infrastructures.

The pre-processing by Entuity of events into Incidents before forwarding them to ServiceNow reduces escalations and improves the relevance of information that ServiceNow receives. As such, users benefit from the full power of Entuity’s EMS rules and consolidation system (typically a greater than 90% reduction in raw events).

Entuity passes on additional efficiency to ServiceNow by enabling faster event processing by ServiceNow and in turn faster integration of high quality network Incident information with the rest of the IT infrastructure.




Entuity and ServiceNow—The Benefits

  • Eliminate costly duplication of effort in managing separate data silos, “all-hands-on-deck” war room scenarios, and finger pointing.
  • Achieve faster MTTR and longer MTBF through proactive problem resolution and deep network visibility.
  • Increase automation for better focus on projects important for the business.

The Entuity Event Management System Summary screen provides an overview of how the system works, from incoming events, through pre-storage processing (where rules are applied before reaching the database) and post-storage processing (where rules are applied after an event has been stored to the database). Finally, Entuity combines (correlates) multiple events into Incidents, which are raised in response to one or more events to indicate that there is a situation that needs attention.

How Does It Work?


Users can configure an EMS “action” in the Entuity web UI to send events and/or Incidents from Entuity to ServiceNow in order to create ServiceNow events.


Users can send events/Incidents with default information or customize the forwarding action in order to forward additional information about the target component or “service” (a collection of monitored components with a configurable way to evaluate their availability). All of the events from the monitored IT environment, including network events/Incidents, are displayed at the ServiceNow console. This means that all Entuity event information from links between branch offices, routers, switches, LAN/WAN details, load balancers and firewalls are included with the server and application events normally collected within ServiceNow for a complete picture of the IT environment.


A call-back URL allows access directly from ServiceNow to the Entuity EMS web UI in the context of the same component that raised the event or Incident. This enables operators to quickly find the source of network-related problems and drill down into historical data.


By default, each action enables forwarding of events/Incidents to a single instance of ServiceNow. However, the integration also allows users to configure multiple actions (or configure a single action) to forward to multiple ServiceNow instances.



For More Information

To learn more about Entuity network management and its integration with ServiceNow, please contact your Entuity sales representative or write to us at info@entuity.com.