Entuity Green IT Perspective Module

The Entuity Green IT Perspective Module is designed to effectively implement and manage Green IT Programs based on IT infrastructure devices. Conserving power, reducing operations costs and maximizing infrastructure resources are some of the tangible results achieved through implementing a Green IT program, which also adds significant value to a network management system’s ROI.

  • Shows details about corporate compliance to policies and ROI visibility for financial savings
  • Monitors and reports on shutdown policy conformance at multiple levels
  • Provides the IT device power consumption details with power utilization
  • Identifies underutilized servers & ports, saving the company money
  • Configurable for regional representation of currency and power measures
  • Enables capacity management to maximize resources
  • Configurable dashboards keeps employees knowledgeable and contributing to the program’s success
Green IT Perspective
Green IT Dashboard makes managing sustainability initiatives simple with accurate data
Entuity Green IT Perspective Module

Sustainability does not stop at the data center door, but commercially available solutions to quantify the IT infrastructure’s contribution to Green IT initiatives have not been available — until now. A first in the network management industry, the Green IT Perspective available in Entuity helps today’s IT organizations substantiate the business value of the network. Whether it is how the network can be better utilized, how to more efficiently integrate new technologies, or saving on capital expenditures, the network plays a foundational role and can contribute significantly to a business’ operations strategy. Delivering business-oriented data for reducing capex, power utility costs, and associated carbon emissions are few concrete ways Entuity can help your network work more effectively for your business.

For the first time, IT departments can now develop, implement, and manage Green IT initiatives that include quantification of their IT infrastructure’s contribution through Entuity’s Green IT Perspective Module. Organizations looking for ways to reduce IT operational costs, reduce overall power consumption along with lowering their carbon footprint, or documenting and encouraging compliance with corporate sustainability initiatives will find the Entuity Green IT Perspective an invaluable aid.

The Entuity Green IT Perspective Module simplifies designing, validating, implementing, and managing a Green IT program for optimum return. With a range of reports and measures, this new module delivers tangible results that help IT organizations reap monetary savings while at the same time reducing their impact on the environment. Drawing from Entuity’s extensive infrastructure knowledge and managed through a dashboard environment, organizations can customize the information displayed to match their particular needs.

The Green IT Perspective helps put the business value of the network front & center — quantifying it against today’s most pressing business challenges.

Key Features and Benefits

The Entuity Green IT Perspective Module provides manageability for implementing corporate Green IT initiatives based on IT infrastructures. It is perfect for businesses that wish to save on capex costs by eliminating the purchase of unnecessary devices, decommissioning inefficient devices, reducing power costs and consumption all while reducing their environmental impact. Key benefits of the Entuity Green IT Perspective Module include:

  • Configurable dashboard includes the statistics, reports, and reference materials to keep employees knowledgeable and contributing to the program’s success.
  • Reporting capabilities to visually show details about corporate compliance to policies, ROI visibility for financial savings along with power and CO2 reductions.
  • Monitors and reports on shutdown policy conformance at the program, group, and individual device level giving insight to foster additional savings.
  • Provides the IT device power consumption details necessary to cost-effectively balance capacity demands with power utilization.
  • Identifies underutilized servers and ports so hardware can be retired or servers can host additional virtual machines — either way saving the company money.
  • Configurable for regional representation of currency and power measures.
  • Enables capacity management to maximize resources by identifying and re-mediating performance issues through underutilized server and spare port analysis and reporting.
Shutdown Policy Conf
Included reports help monitor results and encourage participation in corporate sustainability policies
Spare Ports
Spare ports Report helps identify under-utilised resources
Management Capabilities

Details captured on the Green IT Dashboard illuminates exactly what is being monitored for your Green IT policy — compliance statistics on which departments are turning off their desktops to who needs improvement. Additionally, updated data on current savings and maximum annual savings potential for Kilowatt Hour, CO2 reduction metrics and the estimated dollar value amount saved on utility costs due to the power reductions implemented.

Leveraging existing resources will reduce capital expenditures because you can effectively defer new purchases. Through Entuity’s Green IT Underutilized Server and Spare Port analysis and complementary reports, IT managers will be armed with the data to see where there is excess capacity available. This information will help in the process to consolidate servers and maximize the devices that are already in place.

Additionally, using accurate inventory data provided by Entuity, IT managers are equipped to make the best decisions on reassigning Ethernet switches. By using newer models and retiring the older devices that consume higher levels of power and cooling is another tactic in conserving power and reducing utility costs. Entuity’s inventory report targets the most energy-inefficient servers making it a simple task to conduct an accurate assessment on which devices should be taken out of service.

Business Impact

The Entuity Green IT Perspective Module supplies a better understanding of how the network can yield cost savings, operate more efficiently, and clearly show what value technology investments deliver to the business. Entuity’s Green IT visibility and manageability of your IT infrastructure will:

  • Reduce the amount of electrical utility carbon emissions (CO2) attributed to the IT equipment through lower power consumption resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Eliminate unnecessary capex resource expenditures through a comprehensive capacity management approach maximizing existing physical and virtual resources.
  • Decrease wasted power utilities expense for devices left on after hours with effective management of a corporate shutdown policy.

Whether your company is currently assessing its sustainability strategy or is looking to maximize its ROI on existing Green IT programs, the Entuity Green IT Perspective delivers actionable details and graphical reports to cut operational costs and identify new savings opportunities for network devices, servers, and workstations. Compliance of groups or individuals to policies can be assured.

With the inclusion of power consumption along side Entuity’s traditional depth of device operational and performance details, operations personnel have new insight to quickly identify and re-mediate performance issues using unique and contemporary approaches.

Licensing and Availability

The Entuity Green IT Perspective Module is an optional module. Entuity runs on Windows Server 2008 (R2 and SP2) and Windows Server 2012, 64-bit; Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux, 64-bit; Microsoft Hyper-V Server, and VMware ESX/ESXi Server.

Shutdown Policy by Group
Granularity including the number of violations per individual helps document and enforce corporate policies.
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