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Entuity for TrueSight Operations Management


Entuity for TrueSight Operations Management is an all-in-one network management product for enterprises, cloud and managed service providers, and system integrator.

Unlike competing products that require installation, integration, and management of multiple point products, Entuity includes everything you need to manage your network with ease and achieve peak operational efficiency.


Built on an intelligent, elastic architecture, Entuity creates a layer of abstraction between users and the underlying architecture, shielding them from the complexities of managing servers, interconnections, and databases for a virtual view of the network. There is no need to manually integrate the various functions or to reintegrate them on upgrade. Each feature, including an embedded database, is built to work with all of the others straight out of the box. This makes it easy to install, customize, operate, and maintain. Achieve lower total cost of ownership at a fraction of other network management products.

enterprise class nms




Enterprise-class network management software for heterogeneous environments

Customers in over 40 countries, across all industries

Networks from 50 to 40,000+ devices


All-in-one network management solution for:

Auto Discovery & Inventory

• Live Topology

• Advanced Events Management

• Root Cause Analysis

• Configuration Monitoring

• Seamless & Infinite Scalability

• Elemental Performance

• Integrated Application Flow

• Reporting / Dashboards

• Virtual / Physical Management

• Cloud Support

• Tablet Support

figure 1


• One product for network management, including physical and virtual devices. Layer of abstraction shields users from complexity. Easy to install, learn, use, and deploy.

FIGURE 1: The three pillars of the Entuity for Truesight Operations Management architecture

Figure 2

Federated Architecture:

• Scaling is easy, as Entuity servers automatically communicate with each other to coordinate service delivery. Users need not be aware of these changes or modify their behavior.

figure 3

Uniform Data Schema:

• Uniform data schema across all servers enables distributed data processing and I/O load but appears as one virtual, global database. No administrator or user action is required.


Dramatically improves operational efficiency: All core network management functionality is fully consolidated inside one product with a single user interface.

Shields users from complexity: Creates a layer of abstraction between users and architecture. No need to touch the underlying architecture or deal with manual integrations.

Scales easily and without limit: Federated architecture easily scales because servers automatically know how to communicate with each other. Manual intervention is unnecessary.

Enables new technologies to be added on demand: Supports hundreds of devices out of the box. For devices not included, Entuity professional services will add them on demand within hours or days.

Allows open access to data: Only network management solution that allows users to pull out all data collected into any application of their choice.

Integrates with BMC solutions: Includes several integrations with BMC performance management and service management solutions.

Simplifies license management: Central license server enables dynamic, scalable license allocation that simplifies management.

Supports virtualized network management: Virtualized Entuity server enables operations staff to take advantage of virtual environments, including rapid addition of network management servers, load balancing, and failover.


Today’s businesses need deep insight into how the network is supporting its critical applications and initiatives. Entuity for TrueSight Operations Management integrates seamlessly with TrueSight Operations Management and BMC Proactive Performance Management (BPPM) to add real-time network monitoring and a complete view of service delivery across the entire IT environment. Together, Entuity TrueSight for Operations Management and BPPM:

• Eliminate costly duplication of effort in managing separate data silos, “ all-hands-on-deck ” war room scenarios and finger pointing.

• Enable faster MTTR and a longer MTBF through proactive problem resolution and deep network visibility.

• Increase automation, allowing IT organizations to focus on projects that are important for the business.


In addition to integrating with TrueSight Operations Management, Entuity complements the big picture in the BMC solution suite through several other integrations:

BMC BladeLogic Network Automation (BNA): Provides the configuration functionality of network management to complete the *FCAPS model (fault, configuration, accounting, performance, security). With direct cross menu launch from Entuity to BNA, users can view configuration changes and support configuration policy compliance.

BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization: Integrates network performance and configuration data from Entuity for TrueSight Operations Management to enable performance and capacity reporting, trending, modeling, and planning capabilities for monitored network devices and links.

BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite: Automatically initiates creation and population of requisite data details in BMC Remedy application processes for infrastructure devices under management.

BMC Atrium Orchestrator: Contributes depth of network inventory, performance, operational, and forensic details to give added visibility into the entire IT environment and improve the accuracy of network configuration management in BMC BladeLogic Network Automation.



Windows Server 2008 (R2 and SP2) and Windows Server 2012, 64-bit; Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux, 64-bit; Microsoft Hyper-V Server, and VMware ESX/ESXi Server

Web Browser:

Certified for use with Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, FireFox 10 ESR (Extended Support Release) or later ESR releases.


iPad (Safari), Android (Chrome), and Windows. Entuity for TrueSight Operations Management server senses the tablet type and displays accordingly.

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