Entuity Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium

Entuity includes built-in traffic flow monitoring for complete network visibility. A lightweight Integrated Flow Analyzer module, which is included with the basic product, can be a vital resource for locating the cause of flow-based issues throughout your network. For those needing more detailed analysis, Entuity also offers the optional IFA Premium module, which greatly extends Entuity’s flow-based capabilities.


  • Offers true, converged flow-based network management
  • Enables realtime visibility into top conversations
  • Allows custom breakdowns for analyzing flow data
  • Provides extensive reports with 1-minute granularity
  • Offers features for advanced analysis
  • Accepts Netflow, sFlow, IPFIX, jFlow, Netstream, and Cisco ASA
  • Requires minimal administration
  • Supports virtually unlimited scalability
  • Enables reports to be exported to common formats
entuity network management dashboard
Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium includes advanced analytic capabilities over and above Integrated Flow Analyzer, including the ability to show traffic breakdown by top conversations

Complete Network Visibility

To ensure the continuous availability of critical applications to end users, network administrators need full visibility into what’s happening on the network. This requires the ability to see data from both a bottom up (element-based) and top-down (flow-based) perspective. Being limited to one or the other may result in incomplete coverage, blinding administrators to potential problems that may degrade service to end users.

Entuity network management enables both, with elemental- and flow-based monitoring built into a single product and presented side-by-side for complete network visibility.

Entuity offers two built-in flow-based solutions that complement its element monitoring capabilities. The first, Integrated Flow Analyzer (IFA), is included in the Entuity base product at no extra charge. IFA is suitable for basic traffic troubleshooting over a small number of interfaces. The second, Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium (IFAP), is an easy-touse yet powerful flow monitoring and traffic analysis solution for those who want richer, deeper insight about network traffic over a small to medium number of interfaces.

IFA Premium offers advanced analytical capabilities over and above IFA, including realtime visibility into top conversations, extensive reports with 1-minute granularity, custom breakdowns, adjustable data retention settings, flexible grouping controls, and the ability to store years of rolled-up data. IFA Premium’s advanced features are made available through a licensing fee that includes unlimited use per physical site.

IFA Premium Use Cases

Troubleshooting under performing networks

Traditional SNMP tools provide information about total utilization of links. To understand what (user, device, application, etc.) is making the link busy, identify the most disruptive conversations, and find out who’s talking to whom requires the ability to view flow data side-by-side with traditional network management data, such as infrastructure, topology, connectivity, performance, and events. Because IFA Premium is integrated with other data collected by Entuity, it enables deep insight into traffic flows on the monitored links.

Observation of suspicious activity

Hosts (especially workstations) that engage in many simultaneous conversations with other hosts, or hosts that are contacted simultaneously by many other hosts, may be infected by viruses, bots, worms, malware, and more. IFA Premium provides realtime visibility into top conversations as well as flexible analytical capabilities that help network administrators and security staff hone in on suspicious activity.

IFA Premium Features Overview

Single Pane of Glass Provides true converged flow-based network management—one product, one set of interfaces, one dashboard, one inventory, one user experience.
Top Conversations* Enables realtime visibility into top conversations, including hosts with a suspiciously large number of active conversations.
Custom Breakdowns* Allows custom breakdowns for analyzing flow data by user-selected combination of data types, such as source and destination IP, address ranges, port, protocol, QoS classes, and more.
Short- and Long-Term Reporting* Provides extensive reports with 1-minute granularity and the ability to store years of rolled-up data, limited only by hard drive capacity. Reports on historical data, displaying up to a month of data per report.
Advanced Analysis Enables precise definition of displayed timeframe, either by entering times explicitly or using zoom control to focus on a specific timeframe.* Allows traffic to be grouped together by application type and/or IP address range.* Enables NetFlow sampling support. Also permits grouping of multiple hosts, web servers, and users into a single chart, along with aggregation of the data.
Virtually Unlimited Scalability* Supports distributed pollers for virtually unlimited NetFlow scalability. Additional servers can be deployed to handle flow collection where large volumes of flows need to be accommodated or flow traffic must be localized geographically.
Easy to Use Requires minimal administration. Screens can be exported to custom dashboards for ease of monitoring.
Standards-Based Accepts NetFlow versions 5, 7, and 9 (support for the most commonly used templates), sFlow versions 4 and 5, IPFIX (support for the most commonly used templates), NetStream versions 5 and 9, and JFlow (for Juniper). Also supports bi-directional flows and absolute byte counters for NetFlow versions 9 and 10 (IPFIX) and allows flows from Cisco ASA and other devices to be handled. Provides out-of-the-box support for Cisco, 3COM, Juniper, Huawei, Hewlett-Packard, Brocade and more.
Reports Export Allows reports to be exported as HTML, PDF, XML, CSV, and other formats.

* Indicates feature is available in IFA Premium but not in IFA

Continuous provisioning of bandwidth for critical business applications

Internet video has become a popular form of online education. However, network users watching instructional videos hosted on popular servers may restrict bandwidth available to key applications, causing them to suffer from brown outs. They may also cause the quality of VoIP calls to drop below an acceptable level. IFA Premium lets network administrators observe traffic patterns over time down to 1-minute samples to see precisely when critical traffic classes are suffering from bandwidth starvation, as well as which end users are causing the bottlenecks.

Understanding network impacts on business services

Network administrators can benefit from understanding which business services are supported by which links in their networks. This information can help them prioritize allocation of resources for troubleshooting and proactively manage the network. IFA Premium lets network administrators view other data collected by Entuity such as inventory and events alongside traffic flow data. This enables them to stay abreast of any changes that may occur to network services so that they can ensure support for the most important business applications.

Understanding traffic between subnets and cloud applications

With the onset of cloud computing, network administrators need to understand the cumulative effects of a mass of workstations in specific locations (offices, departments, subnets, etc.) that communicate with applications deployed to public and private clouds. IFA Premium lets network administrators view immediate traffic patterns and historical trends for a specific subset of traffic so that they can know whether the network is meeting availability and performance requirements.

Long term traffic trends and bandwidth monitoring

NetFlow monitoring over long time periods helps network administrators understand trends in traffic payload, spot areas where capacity may quickly become depleted, and make other decisions necessary for securing the long-term health and performance of their networks. IFA Premium lets network administrators store years of rolled up data (limited only by hard drive capacity) and to easily group it in ways that allow them to analyze and report on it from a wide variety of perspectives.

Test Drive IFA Premium

Entuity invites you to test drive Integrated NetFlow Analyzer Premium. IFA Premium can be used in a test environment at no cost for 30 days starting from the date of deployment. See the Entuity Getting Started Guide, “Licensing Entuity” chapter, for information on the evaluation license.

Customers who want to try IFA Premium directly in a production environment will need a temporary software key. To get started on a live test drive, please contact your Entuity sales representative.



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