Benefits of the

Entuity Event Management System

Single-screen event management with drill down to in-depth network information.

When integrated with third-party products, Entuity includes a call-back URL so that it can be cross launched from those third-party products in the context of the component that raised the event or incident. IT staff can then quickly drill down for deeper insight.

Faster problem resolution.

Entuity’s real-time monitoring of network devices and interfaces helps IT staff to detect, isolate and troubleshoot problems with unsurpassed efficiency. Entuity also suppresses events behind a root cause, calculated from dynamically updated topology information, to avoid raising misleading downstream events.

Network events tightly integrated with the rest of IT.

Integration of network events into the rest of the IT environment allows for greater the end-to-end service visibility. It also reduces duplicate efforts by IT teams to resolve problems.

Customizable rules to fit your environment and workflows.

The Entuity EMS enables administrators to customize rules to handle events based on defined conditions and specific work-flows that work best for their environment.

More efficient events processing by third-party products.

Entuity pre-processes network events before forwarding them to third-party products. This allows for faster event processing by those products and faster integration of network events into the end-to-end IT picture.


Enterprise-class EMS functionality out of the box.

The Entuity EMS comes standard with predefined rules based on best practices of major customers worldwide. The result is out-of-the-box, advanced EMS capabilities without the need for complex scripting or the help of advanced engineers.

Advanced and easy (as pie) to use.

The Entuity EMS is completely web UI driven, including SNMP trap handling. configuration and customization. Programming skills are not required.

Better focus on important events.

Entuity consolidates multiple events into “Incidents,” which are raised in response to one or more events. This helps reduce event management overload so you can be laser focused on the most important events for your business.

“Entuity helped us get rid of event storms that were blocking us from quickly identifying ‘real’problems. We now get to the source of problems much faster, with fewer people, and without the constant firedrills.”

Network Manager, Outsourcing Services Company

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