Entuity Data Export Server Module

Entuity Data Export Server Module unleashes all of the current and historical data gathered and maintained by Entuity and makes it exportable for external reporting applications. Network data now can be used in conjunction with other parts of business analysis reporting creating a big picture composite.

  • Streamlines business reporting and display processes
  • Easily combines data from various business sources
  • Simplifies automation & synchronization to end-to-end management systems, peer management applications, or federated CMDBs
  • Data feeds improve integration accuracy and performance of reporting processes
  • Viewable connection between IT infrastructure performance & business service levels
  • Aligns technical data to business needs for a more robust service management strategy
  • Enables a broader range of network management reports for specialized applications using increased flexibility of data export
Introducing the Entuity Data Export Server Module

With the level of business performance information available in today’s enterprise applications, the question is not about having the right data but about having it in an appropriate format to empower rapid and targeted business decisions. Reducing sometimes massive amounts of IT performance data into actionable graphics and displays, organizations seek to understand its impact on specific business objectives and in a flexible format to serve the full range of end-user display formats — web pages, portals, mashups, tables, reports, CMDB feeds, and hard copy documents. Technologically savvy business units have come to expect versatility and choice in how they consume and use the IT performance metrics they need to improve their business processes.

The Entuity Data Export Server Module addresses the dynamic data reporting and analysis needs of the business by making Entuity’s depth and breadth of historic and real-time performance, inventory and forensic data available in a universal format for any display or reporting technology. Independent of the authoring application, users are free to analyse, manipulate, chart, graph, or render the data in the reporting solution of their choice. This network data export capability delivers IT information to the reporting engines where it can be used to more fully understand the business measurements and achievements.

entuity network management dashboard
Data Export Preview ensures accuracy of tailored data feeds


Recommended for any company needing to empower better business decisions with actionable IT performance data, the Entuity Data Export Server Module provides the necessary depth of data in a flexible format to cost effectively fit your company’s current business reporting processes. Whether you are a service provider hosting and supporting the network infrastructure for third parties or an IT organization supporting your business units, the Entuity Data Export Server Module automates your workflow to permit rapid and informed business decisions.
Key Features and Benefits

The Entuity Data Export Server Module is ideal for any business looking to improve the versatility and flexibility of their business intelligence analysis and decision making processes. With the addition of extensive network performance details, users can correlate the impact IT infrastructure on business services. The Entuity Data Export Server Module provides network data and metrics for external reports. Key benefits include:

  • Streamline business reporting and display processes with customizable automated network performance data feeds
  • Easily combine data from various business sources to improve accuracy and speed of infrastructure decisions
  • With performance data independent of Entuity, users are free to use the display or reporting technology with which they are most proficient, saving time and effort
  • Scheduled data feeds from Entuity’s breadth of network details simplify automation and synchronization to end-to-end management systems, peer management applications, or federated CMDBs
  • Tailored to the precisely required data, Entuity data feeds improve integration accuracy and performance of reporting processes
  • Formatted for use in the popular commercial display or reporting applications, Entuity data can “connect the dots” between IT infrastructure performance and business service levels
  • Aligns technical data to business needs for a more robust service management strategy
  • Increased flexibility of data export enables a broader range of network management reports for specialized applications
Integrate easily to Entuity data using ODBC/JDBC connectors
Configure data feeds from Entuity historic and real-time network details
Reporting Processes

Beyond standard utilization or trending reports, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can also use the Entuity Data Export Server Module to deliver critical network performance data into reports that are a key part of their deliverable service to their customers from which bills or service level agreement metrics are verified. Enterprises also have a need to extract network data for bill-back reports for each department’s budget usage and this new Module will allow them a simplified approach to generating these standard reports.

Integration Processes

As a data feed to other applications, the Entuity Data Export Server Module adds extensibility and scalability to enterprise management processes. For example in multi-server Entuity networks, network managers can use the data export capability to schedule creation and consolidation of desired data from multiple servers. Not only does it save time, it batches data for easier resolution and visibility.

Operations personnel can pre-configure scheduled data requests for end-users or simply establish them on-demand — making it a flexible module that can be tailored to the specific reporting needs of a business. Object and Time Series data can be selected and exported along with View membership information, allowing the creation of specific data stores for customers, geographic regions, departments and other forms of grouping already defined in Entuity.

Decoupling data export from reporting also improves the overall performance of the management application. Exporting Entuity data into external databases is executed without impacting Entuity’s runtime performance or resources. Entuity’s wealth of IT data for reporting and analytics is now fully liberated to enhance business reporting through external reporting applications.

Mashups and Composite Applications

With performance and infrastructure independent of the authoring application and in a format compatible with many commercial display and reporting applications, business users can tap into the Entuity Data Export Server as an enabling data feed for mashups and composite applications. Using SAS as the aggregator for example, Entuity infrastructure performance data can now be easily coupled with data from a billing application and customer support data from a CRM system to create a comprehensive report. Merging data from previously disparate applications, users can easily understand the implications and interdependencies across the corporation to improve decision making processes within the business.

Business Impact

With the streamlined reporting, display, and data integration processes enabled by the Entuity Data Export Server Module, businesses are equipped to efficiently address the diverse and dynamic business intelligence needs of their organizations. By automating your data integration and reporting processes and workflows your organization can:

  • Increase profitability through streamline business reporting and display processes
  • Accelerate decisions that drive the business by easily combining data from various sources, improving both accuracy and speed
  • Reduce expenditures through improved productivity of operations, unifying reporting processes that are most productive and cost effective
  • Eliminate human error and wasted expense of manually manipulating, culling, and collating data for reporting and display
  • Reduce dependency on IT or developers but still create the visually compelling and actionable reports or displays via the web, desktop publishing, or enterprise applications
  • Provide a simplified integration path for complementary applications, end-to-end management applications, or federated CMDB architectures

Whether you are a service provider hosting and supporting the network infrastructure for third parties or an IT organization supporting your business units, the Entuity Data Export Server Module helps automate and integrate the data stores your company needs to empower rapid and dependable decisions to proactively manage and maintain a dynamic global IT environment for increased business productivity.

Licensing and Availability

The Entuity Data Export Server Module is an optional module. Entuity runs on Windows Server 2008 (R2 and SP2) and Windows Server 2012, 64-bit; Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux, 64-bit; Microsoft Hyper-V Server, and VMware ESX/ESXi Server.

For More Information

For more information, please contact your Entuity sales representative or write to us at info@entuity.com.