Electric Car Service Gets a Charge Out of Entuity

A developer of battery-charging and battery-switching services for electric cars designed an intelligent infrastructure to support the use of electric vehicles in a real world environment, without affecting existing electrical infrastructure. From charge spots, in-car software, and operations centers, to switch stations, cars and batteries, the company created a seamless operational environment for EVs around the globe. Striving to make electric car travel as commonplace as existing standard gas vehicles, the company rapidly moved towards that goal.



  • Customer Size:
    • 500 Employees
  • Countries Supported:
    • Australia, Denmark, Israel, Netherlands, & United States
  • Network Management Software:
    • Entuity Network Management & Analytics

Setting the Standard for an Entirely New Automotive Segment


An electric car service company needed to support their pioneering global research, development and operational teams with always-on network services. Initially network management was accomplished through a mix of disparate tools which did not provide the proactive or efficient network management capabilities that were critical to their business growth and success.

Perhaps the greatest IT engineering challenge for any growing company is its ability to respond quickly when adding new services and supporting a growing end-user base. The network in this study was rapidly evolving and had over 180 devices consisting of routers and switches and over 1000 servers.

Eliminate Data Silos and Network Blind Spots


The company knew exactly what their end goals were: proactive monitoring, agile and efficient operations, minimize OPEX, minimize time-to-market—all of these wrapped around a customer-centric IT organization that could deliver reliable IT services globally. These factors contributed to the selection of Entuity Network Management. Entuity enables an all-in-one enterprise network management solution that can easily scale to meet their future expansion requirements. The inherent advantage of an inclusive product ensures more efficiency with a single focal point for management. “The data we receive from Entuity is extremely useful in our day-to-day environment. It covers a range of metrics that we rely on heavily for proactive monitoring. Dynamic maps, custom reports and graphs allow us to better control and manage our network performance for all of our users worldwide,” states the IT Manager at the company. Entuity data assists in planning capacity, keeping OPEX spending at reasonable levels, deploying dependable services and much more.

The electric car services company was forward thinking and designed an integrated Business Service Management (BSM) strategy to connect all their IT functions, for example: CMDB, change management, service desk, data center, application management as well as network infrastructure monitoring. Entuity Network Management incorporates seamlessly into BMC’s BSM platform creating a strong, comprehensive way to feed network infrastructure details into the BSM platform. This integration provides a unified management strategy that fosters faster response times, requires less manual work, improves accuracy and operational efficiency. Applying Entuity network infrastructure data to BMC’s Truesight Operations Management eliminates data silos and network blind spots and ensures high levels of application and network performance. Plus, this out-of-the-box Entuity integration with BMC eliminated the need and cost for developing a complex custom interface.

Custom Dashboards and Integrated NetFlow Saves Time and Effort


This company is taking advantage of a wide range of features found in Entuity. For example, Custom dashboards for business key performance indicators and KPI metrics for every device and interface helps them to understand how the network is performing. Because the company is spread across the globe, real time graphs for traffic volume and utilization are used to adjust the traffic flow where necessary. Additionally, using the Entuity NetFlow application integrated in the Entuity network monitoring solution, they can pinpoint and address Top Talkers that are causing network congestion issues all from the same single pane of glass. No need to jump from network management to a NetFlow application, it is all combined into a single source solution—saving time and utilizing appropriate infrastructure data for a complete management platform. What’s more, historical flow records that are captured aid in planning future network capacity requirements to keep the network at reliable performance levels.


Accelerating Operational Efficiency


Technology startups understand the need for operational efficiency as most employees wear multiple hats. The business fully exploits Entuity automation features to deliver accurate topology maps through continuous auto-discovery so they can understand what is on their network without expending any manual effort. Gathering appropriate network data is routine with preset report generation capabilities. These out-of-the-box reports are a time saver with vital network health details, capacity reports, performance by location, spare ports, and many more. “It is very easy to capture the data we need to be effective in managing our network,” states the IT manager, “and we get a lot of value from custom dashboards. Entuity helps us manage the network to reflect our unique needs.”

“We rely on Entuity to help us get through the rigors of everyday network monitoring with the confidence to proactively handle events, maximize our IT staff and supply outstanding service delivery to our entire company”

Head IT Manager

The company finds Entuity’s advanced automation features on the consolidated event console extremely helpful for looking at particular device changes. It’s easy to drill down and analyze what is happening with devices for a rapid resolution. Using Entuity, they have now reduced the time it takes to resolve events by 40% or more.

The Network Achieves All Customer Centric Goals

“We rely on Entuity to help us get through the rigors of everyday network monitoring with the confidence to proactively handle events, maximize our IT staff and supply outstanding service delivery to our entire company,” says the IT manager. They use tightly integrated netflow, configuration, and physical and virtual monitoring to provide the precise traction required to run an enterprise class network. With critical network visibility and the all in one feature set of Entuity network management, the results is a streamlined way to manage the network. According to the company, “We set out to find a network management solution that would equip us with proactive monitoring to meet the extreme demands of our end users. We needed a way to react to changes quickly and operate efficiently. It’s clear that Entuity has met our stringent requirements, which permits us to effectively meet our customer-centric goals. Entuity keeps us on track.”

“The data we receive from Entuity is extremely useful in our day-to-day environment. It covers a range of metrics that we rely on heavily for proactive monitoring. Dynamic maps, custom reports and graphs allow us to better control and manage our network performance for all of our users worldwide.”

Head IT Manager

About Entuity

Entuity takes the work out of network management. Our highly automated, unied enterprise-class solution puts deep network insight at your fingertips, frees IT staff to focus on strategic projects and easily integrates with major frameworks and networking environments. Entuity’s support and services teams are frequently praised for their rapid response, networking expertise and involvement in special engagements. Founded in 1997 by two senior-level IT executives from the financial industry, Entuity is headquartered in London with US operations in Boston.