Overwatch Doesn’t Exist without Network Management



One might not immediately associate popular online-only video games with network management, but keeping the networks running is crucial for maintaining service provision of these massive platforms. As availability, capacity and quality of internet connections increase globally, companies such as Blizzard Entertainment and its competitors are releasing more and more of this type of game.

Teamwork and the network

Currently, the most popular non-mobile game requiring a 24/7 internet connection is Overwatch, produced by Blizzard, in which cooperation and teamwork with other players is necessary for victory. As a result, ensuring a strong and available connection is the most important concern for Blizzard, preventing the game service from going down and therefore protecting the company’s reputation.

While Blizzard is doing a good job keeping their servers and network running, they could save time and resources if they switched to the Entuity platform. With Entuity, they would have a detailed topology map of their entire network and the devices within it. Rather than reactively correcting problems in a device or port on the network, Entuity would give Blizzard visibility of the issue before it affects the network, so it can be rapidly fixed. Blizzard would also have no need to buy multiple, separate tools to cover any features they deem important – Entuity delivers an all-in-one suite for a fast and easy solution to make sure their network is running at peak performance.

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