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How to Organize Devices and Views in Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)

How to Organize Devices and Views n Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)

This video provides you with further insights into how Views allow you to organize Devices in ENA to better control your network management.

An Introduction

This article shows you the basic concepts of Views and Subviews in Entuity Network Analytics (ENA) and how to use Views to organize Devices during the network management process.

What you’ll Learn

  • Organize Devices
  • Views and Subviews
  • Entuity Network Analytics
  • Network Management



What are Views?

Views allow you to organize Devices that are under management in a way that makes sense for various purposes. For example, from this system shown above, there are a variety of Views and Subviews that organize the Devices in different ways within the My Network View. Here is the My Network View for an Administrator account with the access to a special View called all Objects.


All Objects View contains every Device that’s under management on this server.  But there are also some other Views that have been set up that organized the Devices in different ways. From the image shown above, they have been arranged by Geography, Office, Technology and etc.

How to Look Into Views and Subviews?

A. The Explorer

One way to explore some of the other Views is to go to the Explorer. For instead, if you want to explore forward to the Geography View, you can go to Explorer→ By Geography.

Click on By Geography and you’ll see the breakdown Subviews of East Coast and West Coast Devices (or other categories you have set up to break the country down into). Furthermore, you will be able to explore more detailed devices belonging to this Subview:

From the East Coast Devices, there are some Devices in Florida and some others in the New York Headquarter. In the West Coast, there are some Californian Devices.

Other breakdown Views can also be explored through the same process.

For example, the image below shows that the Devices are broken By Offices and you can see that there are three offices and an IP VPN service. At the same time, if you would like to break down the Devices By Technology and those breakdowns here are subdivided into folders called Subviews which are categorized into Ethernet switches, firewalls, managed hosts, etc.

B. Content Dashboard

Another way to look into Views and Subviews would be going to the Contents Dashboard. Use the Explore to navigate to the By Geography View and the East and West Coast Subviews will show up as the Subview Summary.

By default, it will show the View Hierarchy which means you can see the Subviews. Looking into the East Coast Subview shows you everything that’s within it. If there were Subviews in here, you would see folders within this Subview.

View Hierarchy Mode

Going back to the By Geography view where allows you to see the two Subviews again. But if you were to turn the Show View Hierarchy Mode off simply by clicking that button, then you’ll see all of the Devices those from California on the West Coast along with those from Florida and New York on the East Coast. They have all be combined because the By Geography View contains those two Subviews and itself is considered to contain everything that its Subviews contain rather like a file system.

ENA Tips:

These Views and Subviews can be used to constrain Reports and also control other aspects of the system such as Incident forwarding to third-party systems. They’re also used to control which groups of users have access to which groups of devices.  

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