Now They Can Relax In the Leisure Industry – They Have Entuity

BeachOne of the best parts of my job is getting to visit customers and talk with them about their implementations as well as what’s coming on our road map.

I just came back from a review meeting with one of our newer customers (a leading European organisation in the leisure industry). It was great to hear all the positive feedback … all of which form the foundation to Entuity’s success – consolidation, ease of use, providing instant value, backed up by an experienced services and support team, a product management team that listen to their customers and of course a product that just works!!

  • Prior to Entuity the customer was using a multitude of tools
  • Entuity was installed by the customer and monitoring out of the box within hours
  • Within 2 weeks ensured monitoring of the network was ready for the highest revenue generating month of the companies calendar
  • The customer complemented the response and quality of the Entuity support team
  • Customer had a number of feature requests – all of which I answered “YES!! – we can do that already”…
  • Oh and I must mention the P1 (Priority 1) incident that happened during our meeting. This meant the loss of one of their data centres  – guess which solution raised this first?  Entuity, of course!!
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