No Problem. Whoops: Problem.

problem caseGood, “serious’ network management is about more than troubleshooting – it is also about capacity planning.

The more I talk with customers, the more I’m reminded that there are many uses and perspectives of network management.

I’d have thought that the primary use of NWM technology in the area of capacity management would be to optimize resource use – use up those spare ports, and make sure that all devices currently installed are being leveraged.  But a healthcare customer pointed out to me recently that capacity management is also about ensuring that they have enough spare capacity.

Before they had installed Entuity, they were running a lower end, Web-downloadable tool.  It told them when ports were up or down, but not if they were being used, typical of a ‘red light / green light’ monitor.  But one day, a key switch failed, knocking about 20 people off the network.  This would have been no problem – just reroute those people through a different switch.  Until they learned that they didn’t have enough ports to go around.

An urgent call to a switch reseller and an overnight rush order (at full price, I’d bet) was needed to get those people back on line.  Since then, they use Entuity to make sure they have the spare capacity they need to handle emergency situations and failovers.


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