The Day of Technical Failures

July 8, 2015 may be a day for the history books. Unfortunately, it may be known as the “Day of Technical Failures”.

Today, The New York Stock Exchange completely shut down due to a “technical error”. United Airlines was forced to ground all of its flights because their computer system mysteriously stopped working. The Wall Street Journal’s website shut down for hours.NY Stock Exchange Building

Although shrouds of mystery still revolve around today’s events, it still goes to show the importance of a strong and secure network. If the NYSE really had a technical glitch, then they might need to reconsider how they monitor and manage their operations in the future, especially if this turns out to be a network issue.

If they used an advanced NMS, such as one provided by a certain company (who will remain nameless, but rhymes with “Hentuity”), then they might not have lost hours of trading. An advanced NMS can show operators if the problem is within the network or not almost instantly, eliminating invaluable time to find and fix the issues.

This goes for United Airlines as well, whose grounded flights might have just cost their customers, partners, and themselves, millions upon millions of dollars in one day.

Today could not be enough proof that strong network management is crucial to the success of our everyday lives.

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