Are you a Network Manager, Developer, or Both?

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Networkers and Developers can argue that their jobs are beginning to blend together, creating issues within the industry.

Network Break, a weekly podcast about the networking industry, segments a portion of Episode 38 to this exact issue. At the 11:45 mark, they debate whether a networker needs to double as a developer in today’s modern workforce.

Consider setting up a new network: Is it worth writing many lines of script to obtain extra features, or is it easier to not use certain functions and use only what the product offers? But what if a problem arises that NEEDS extra coding? It’s a tough situation, and both sides have legitimate points.

Basic script is one thing, but with virtualization and NFVs in every network now, coding can become more complicated and involved.

If learning additional code and taking on responsibilities of a developer scare or bore you, then don’t choose that path. There is value in true blooded networkers. However, if you’d like additional operational functions besides the existing ones, coding can be a great resource to fully maximize your network’s functions.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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