BMC TrueSight Operations Management

Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Entuity for TrueSight

Streamline your entire management process with Entuity and BMC TrueSight Operations Management.

Entuity for BMC TrueSight Operations Management is an all-in-one network management product for enterprises, cloud and managed service providers, and system integrators.


Entuity network dashboards seamlessly integrate into the BMC TrueSight Operations Management Dashboard (a TSPS Dashboard)


Extensive set of digital analytics supporting today’s complex enterprises


Real-time end-to-end management available from one console screen

  • Easily access details for network infrastructure, applications, configuration for complete IT visibility
  • Streamlines IT workflow enabling increased IT staff productivity
  • Drives faster problem resolution for outstanding customer satisfaction
Entuity for TrueSight Operations Management is an all-in-one network management product for enterprises

Deploy in Seconds

Effortless integration.
Incredible visibility.


Improves the relevancy of event information that TrueSight receives through pre-processing of network incidents by Entuity


Boosts visibility and control across the entire IT environment through a consolidated, centralized console


Enables dynamic baselining and extended trending data by forwarding of network device-level metrics to the TrueSight predictive analytics engine

Entuity seamlessly integrates with BMC Truesight Operations Management

Additonal Integrations

Compatible with the whole BMC suite.

Entuity complements the big picture in the BMC solution suite with these additional integrations:

BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization. Integrates network performance and configuration data to enable performance and capacity reporting, trending, and more.

BMC Atrium. Adds deep network inventory, performance, operational and forensic details to boost visibility into the entire IT environment.

BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite. Automatically initiates creation and population of requisite data details in BMC Remedy application processes for infrastructure devices under management.

BMC BladeLogic Network Automation (BNA). Provides the configuration functionality of network management to complete the FCAPS model.

Entuity is compatible with the whole BMC suite.

We also integrate with Quest Foglight, Oracle Enterprise Manager and ServiceNow. Please contact us if you’d like more information.

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