Entuity Product Features

All-in-one enterprise network management software

Visualize your network

Stop issues before they impact operations with real-time visibility of your entire network.

Automated Network Discovery

Continual scans of your network provide an always up-to-date inventory of your network assets. Entuity shows more data about your network than any other monitoring solution.

Live Topology Maps

Our industry-leading automatic topology maps offer comprehensive visibility of your network, both locally and worldwide. Drill down into individual devices and ports.

Reporting and Dashboards

Over 100 out-of-the-box reports give you a comprehensive toolbox of analytics. A drag-and-drop custom report builder gives you the power to create your own.

Physical & Virtual Management

Continual automated discovery of virtual and physical infrastructure assets allows you to seamlessly manage physical and virtual systems in one management tool.

MIB Browser

Entuity comes with a built-in, fully-featured MIB Browser, enabling you to monitor any SNMP-enabled device or server without using a 3rd party tool.

Monitor your network

Proactively identify and isolate events and policy violations based on your pre-defined rules. Reduce MTTR.

Root Cause Analysis

Isolate and fix problems quickly. Entuity suppresses events behind a root cause, calculated from dynamically updated topology, to avoid misleading downstream events.

Event Management

An advanced event management system organizes data into higher-level incidents, which are raised in response to one or more events, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

Flow Monitoring & Analysis

Detailed analysis of flow information including conversations between source and destination ports. Observe traffic patterns, trends and drill down to the exact cause of issues.

Application Path Monitoring

The SurePath feature offers real-time discovery of the actual network paths used by applications, giving your business deep insight into the network components their applications depend on.

Network Performance Monitoring

Continually monitors key aspects of network performance to provide early warnings and help maintain the quality of your services.

Manage your network

Easily scale and configure network management to keep pace with your agile enterprise, whether cloud or hybrid.

Cloud & Hybrid Ready

Entuity network management software is cloud certified, delivering high performance and efficiency equal to on-premises installations. Deploy fast and reduce costs.

Enterprise Scalability

Entuity all-in-one network management is built on an extensible, peer-to-peer federated architecture designed to meet the needs of fast-scaling, large Enterprise businesses.

Configuration Management

Improve operational efficiency by pushing configurations to thousands of devices and ports within single- and multi-server environments. Monitor configuration changes easily.

Multi-tenancy Support

Individual devices can be placed into Zones allowing overlapping IP address ranges to be managed on a single server, reducing costs and complexity.


Network Security

Real-time visibility of every part of your network eliminates blind-spots and information gaps, and ensures that all devices connected to your network are monitored.

High Availability Disaster Recovery

Providing real-time visibility across every element of your network, Entuity completes your disaster recovery strategy and enables you to accurately assess network performance.


Entuity’s RESTful API allows users to perform administrative tasks either for a single server or across multi-server environments.