Root Cause Analysis

Isolate and fix problems quickly

Comprehensive, Integrated Monitoring

Understand full business impact.

Prevent network outages by automatically suppressing secondary network outage events, allowing the primary fault to be seen in isolation and not lost in a sea of other events. Monitor end-to-end delivery of your IT as a service, while also monitoring each component of the infrastructure that makes up that service. Isolate infrastructure problems at the same time as understanding their impact on business activity.

Prevent network outages with root cause analysis.
Component and service monitoring

Component and Service Monitoring

Seeing the whole picture.

Alarm both component and service failures. Receive stateful alarms so you can automatically track ongoing problems through to resolution.

Application Monitoring

Stay ahead of application failures.

Monitor application availability with a TCP connection to the application. If Entuity fails to connect to the application, the system can raise an event or incident, so you can act quickly to minimize impact to business services.

Stay ahead of application failures with application monitoring.

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