Reporting & Dashboards

Build custom reports and dashboards to see your whole network

Advanced Network Reporting

Actionable data insights.

Entuity network management offers the industry’s most usable and comprehensive set of network reports that cater directly to the needs of your enterprise business.


Over 100 out-of-the-box reports


Allows existing IP SLA operations to be monitored


Built-in drag-and-drop custom report builder

Network Management Reports for enterprise business
Build custom reports, interactive charts and see useful analytics.

Custom Dashboards

Drag and drop dashboard builder.

Using the custom report builder, interactive charts and analytics from just about any product screen can incorporate information into multiple custom dashboards. Support up to 50 dashboards per user—these can be shared with co-workers and pushed to user groups to aid automatic account setup.


Built-in custom dashboards for defining any combination of reported elements in one dashboard


Create a single dashboard showing everything you need to know to deliver great enterprise services

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