Network Security

Entuity monitors your entire network to help keep your data secure.

See Every Element

Visibility across the whole network.

Your network cannot be secure if you cannot see it all. Entuity’s all-in-one solution delivers real-time visibility of every part of your network, across physical, virtual, cloud and multi-cloud environments. Continual and automated network discovery eliminates blind-spots and information gaps, and ensures that all devices connected to your network are monitored.

Entuity network management software is cloud certified
Extensive automation and comprehensive support for managing private cloud services and technologies

Track Incoming Traffic

Detect network intrusions.

Monitor firewalls to keep track of all traffic coming from outside the network, whilst integrated flow analysis enables you to hone in on suspicious activity and ensure sensitive data avoids security-weak IoT devices. Entuity also manages the security and network footprint of your IoT devices by monitoring their impact on network traffic and ensuring the network surrounding those devices is secure.

Monitor Updates

Future proof your network.

Ensure all your network elements are up to date with the latest security releases through centralized configuration management. Swiftly drill down into all device configuration from a single UI to check firmware versions and security updates, and raise events if the configuration does not meet your security policy. With years of expertise and experience in the network management field, Entuity is the trusted partner you need to keep your network secure.

Monitor and report connectivity and latency of in-cloud servers and applications

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