MIB Browser

Monitor any SNMP-enabled device quickly

Built-in MIB Browser

Monitor any SNMP-enabled device.

Load vendor MIB files and use the built-in MIB Browser to search and navigate a device’s information base. Supplement Entuity’s standard data model with additional data items, using the User Defined Poller feature. Use the MIB Browser to load MIB files when building support for Enterprise traps within the Event Management System.

Built-in MIB Browser allows you to monitor any SNMP-enabled device.
Create Ticket charts from the MIB browser

Performance Monitoring

Create Ticker charts for devices.

Through the MIB Browser, you can select object IDs to monitor the performance of a device. The real-time values of these OIDs can be charted through Ticker. A user-editable index allows you to specify where to start browsing the MIB.

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