Organizations across different industries benefit from Entuity's flexible, all-in-one solution.
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For IT service providers such as MSPs and ISPs, service level agreements are the lynchpin of your business. SLAs are set and your customers all expect them to be met, if not exceeded. But if the network on which you’re supplying your service has issues or an unexpected outage, it can have a detrimental effect on your customers’ business and on yours.

Entuity understands what MSPs need to service your customers and provides the automated continuous monitoring, multi-tenancy and granular reporting you need to not only maintain SLAs but also offer services more efficiently and profitably.

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Technology Products

Many technology products and solutions providers rely on their network to not only keep their business running and their thousands to tens of thousands of employees connected and productive, but also to service their customers. They may be analyzing data and delivering results or offering a SaaS-based product. Enterprise-class network monitoring and management software like Entuity’s delivers the flexibility and scalability these large and growing organizations need to meet customer demand.
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Financial Services

Financial services institutions know their networks can’t experience downtime because financial transactions follow the sun. They have implemented redundancies and traditional framework network monitoring. But these solutions don’t provide the deep visibility across the network to proactively detect and fix an issue before it affects transactions. Entuity has extensive experience working with financial services institutions, providing continuous auto-discovery, up-to-date topology maps, and industry-leading dashboards and reports for complete and proactive network monitoring and management.
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Higher Education

Colleges and universities often need to connect tens of thousands of students, faculty and administration often across many locations. Existing networks and monitoring systems are often legacy systems cobbled together and can’t keep pace with increasing growth and demand. Entuity’s extensibility, ease-of-use, and flexibility are a perfect fit for these rapidly changing environments.
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As telecom usage and data over the network grows exponentially, carriers need to be able to quickly and easily scale their networks and their NMS. Entuity’s all-in-one network management is built on an extensible, peer-to-peer federated architecture. Each Entuity server can manage around 100,000 elements. Simply connect the required number of servers that you need to manage your full estate. This allows scaling to be done simply by adding instances of the all-in-one server so carriers can grow and adapt with customer demand.
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Every day cyber criminals get more sophisticated and government networks—federal, state and local—are constantly at risk for hacking. It’s not enough to react to events—by that time the damage has likely be done. Entuity’s intelligent network management and monitoring software lets you visualize, monitor and manage to proactively respond to an anomaly or outage and reroute traffic to maintain continuity of service. Take advantage of Entuity’s continuous auto discovery, live topology and advanced reporting to keep your network safe from cybercrime.