High Availability Disaster Recovery

Entuity helps get your network back up and running.

Assess Network Performance

Complete your disaster recovery.

If disaster has struck your business, you need to know that your network has recovered and is back to performing its best. Providing real-time visibility across every element of your network, Entuity completes your disaster recovery strategy and enables you to accurately assess network performance.

Entuity network management software is cloud certified
Extensive automation and comprehensive support for managing private cloud services and technologies

Proof of Fail-over, Recovery, Migration

Complete visibility.

Continual and automated network monitoring gives you an up to date picture of the network on a single screen, so you can identify issues at a glance. Identify, isolate and fix problems quickly through root cause analytics, and optimize support for critical applications with visibility of their exact network paths through application path monitoring (SurePath). Quickly see the differences from the production state and the impact these have on applications when your network fails-over, recovers or migrates.

Check Device Setup

Consolidated configuration backup.

Centralized and automated configuration management detects configuration changes, and enables you to drill down into device configuration from a single UI and raise events if configuration is not as expected. Configuration backups are automatically created after changes, enabling retrieval of previous settings.

Monitor and report connectivity and latency of in-cloud servers and applications

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