Flow Monitoring & Analysis

Observe traffic patterns with network flow monitoring and analysis

Integrated Application Flow Monitoring

Real-time network flow monitoring.

With the Entuity Integrated Flow Analyzer (IFA), network flow information can be viewed alongside network management data from traditional sources such as SNMP. Use IFA for network traffic accounting, flow monitoring, network planning and spotting rogue activity.

Observe network traffic patterns. Address bottlenecks in real-time.
Integrated flow analyzer premium

Premium Flow Monitoring

Integrated Flow Analyzer Premium.

With IFAP you can scale IFA’s already impressive network flow analysis by adding additional remote flow collectors. The minimum sample interval comes down to one minute. New breakdowns are available such as conversions where source and destination are summarized. It’s also possible to create custom breakdowns that allow you to control how information is summarized, for example a DDOS attack report could be created.

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