Event Management

Network alert and trap management processing to enhance network performance

Monitor Everything With Confidence

Comprehensive network incident management.

The Entuity Event Management System provides over 350 events and 100 incidents right out of the box to play with. Investigating an event is easy by drilling down into it and viewing key metrics such as utilization, traffic and fault charts. Events can be suppressed, giving you control of what you see.


350+ Events


100+ Incidents


Event Suppression

Entuity Event Management has over 350 events out of the box
Aggregated incidents allow you to focus on whats important in your network.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Aggregated alert and trap management.

The demands of each network are different – Entuity allows you to tailor event, syslog and trap management to your organization and minimize the impact to your business services. Improve operational efficiency by combining multiple events into higher-level incidents, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

Email Notifications

Instant network alerts to the right people.

Have eyes on your network 24/7 with network alert notifications. Generate emails to the right recipients when events and incidents meet set criteria. For example, send emails to on-call support staff when severe events are raised against key devices during out-of-office hours.

Get notifications of network outages

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