Network Analytics

Transform network data
into business insights

  Entuity has enabled us to save 6 months on a big IT project. We support hundreds of remote sites, with each one needing multiple dashboards for network visibility. With ENA, we can drastically cut the time it takes to create these dashboards, and manage all of our sites on a single pane of glass.  

Director of IT, Large Financial Services company

Easy and intuitive

Simple network management software

Keeping network availability high and reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) is critical to business. With data volumes doubling every two years, you need network management software that simplifies the process of managing, monitoring and analyzing your network data.

Entuity Network Analytics automates network discovery and uses intuitive workflows that make it easy to see when something has gone wrong. Responsive dashboards allow you to take a high-level view to gauge your network health, or drill down to the component level to quickly and efficiently fix network problems and reduce the need for specialist knowledge.

Automated network discovery and monitoring across on-premises and virtual environments

Reduce Event Noise

Smart network monitoring

IT agility is key in today’s fast-moving digital world. Networks are complex, producing thousands of alerts every day. To quickly and efficiently solve problems, you need fewer alerts without sacrificing the intelligence.

Entuity’s out-of-the-box network monitoring uses event rules, event suppressions and conditional triggers to reduce alerts to a manageable number.

Incidents and events dashboards show alerts on individual components (switches, routers, ports) or across the whole network. ENA network management software consolidates network alerts and gives you back your time.

ENA goes dark >
Smarter network monitoring keeps network alerts down to a manageable number.

monitor business outcomes

Service management

The network is responsible for delivering great service and experiences to users. Entuity has designed network management software that encompasses all aspects of service management, not just one element. Architected for proactive network monitoring and incident management, Entuity Network Analytics enables you to measure mean time to restoring service (MTRS), showing you when a service is fully available once restored.

With ENA, you can model network resources to the business services they deliver and see how your network components relate to real business outcomes. Use Entuity Services to check:

availability of Branch services, such as bank branches, store branches or remote offices.

service redundancy, for example, receive alerts if your main ISP goes down and your redundant ISP kicks in.

high-level network health from a CIO Service overview.

Why Entuity?

Dynamic Dashboards

See what you need to see,
where you need to see it.

Out-of-the-box, Entuity Network Analytics offers all the dashboards you need to be a success. We also know you need to supplement network discovery and monitoring with the flexibility to report on the network data important to your business. ENA’s Dynamic Dashboards add agility to your working practises and supercharge your productivity.

ENA gives you complete control of your network data, how you want to display it, and where you want to see it. Fully customize user and client privileges with granular, role-based access control. Create NOC-ready dashboards that automatically fit contents to the screen.

From ENA v18.0 P03 upwards, utilize the Drop Box functionality to accelerate your management process. Drag in and save multiple lists of managed objects and attributes in the Drop Box from wherever you are in the UI, providing quick access so you can rapidly build dashboards, charts and reports with the information you need to see.

Let a single Dynamic Dashboard enhance your network monitoring and do the work of hundreds of traditional dashboards. Achieve in a few minutes what previously took you days and weeks. Access more of your data, faster, with network management software built for the way you work.

Fully functioning network management software for your NOC, laptop and mobile phone.

MSP Case Study

  Entuity enables us to take a proactive stance with our customers by stating, we see this happening, and this is what we need to do to keep it from causing you problems  

Darvey Lavender
Director of Client Services, Buchanan Technologies

Mobile-friendly network monitoring

NOC in your pocket

We’ve all been there – you’re working out of hours support, just sat down in a restaurant, and the call comes in – the network is down. But what good is a mobile app that only shows you network problems without enabling you to fix them there and then? The longer the network is down, the longer the business is disrupted.

Entuity Network Analytics loves mobile phones as much as it loves laptops. ENA is fully mobile-responsive network management software that doesn’t sacrifice any functionality, so you can do what needs to be done straight from your phone. Take your NOC wherever you go, get your network fixed and keep your business running. We bet that restaurant meal looks a whole lot better now.

Extensive Device Support

Whichever devices you use, ENA has you covered

Your network consists of countless devices supplied by a whole host of different vendors, each providing the varying functionality you need to keep the business running. Entuity knows how important it is to support diverse network environments, and so ENA supports thousands of devices out of the box across hundreds of vendors. And in the small chance that we don’t cover a device you have, our Support team can very quickly add it for you.

Features at a glance

Network Discovery

Continual network discovery provides an always up-to-date device inventory of your network assets. ENA shows you more data than any other network monitoring solution.

Live Network Topology

Dynamic network topology maps offer comprehensive visibility of your network, locally and worldwide. Drill down into individual devices and ports and see impacting network incidents.


ENA provides over 100 reports out-of-the-box to give you a comprehensive toolbox of analytics. A drag-and-drop custom report builder gives you the power to create your own.

Event Management

An advanced event management system organizes network alert data into higher-level incidents. Raised in response to one or more events, they allow you to focus on what’s important.

Flow & NBAR

Receive detailed analysis of flow information including conversations between source and destination ports. Observe network traffic patterns, trends and drill down to the exact cause of issues.

Application Path Monitoring

Entuity SurePath offers real-time discovery of the actual network paths used by applications, giving your business deep insight into the network components their applications depend on.

Cloud & Virtualization

Networks are becoming more distributed, so it’s important to automate network discovery and maintain visibility across a multi-cloud stack. ENA enables you to track key metrics in AWS, Azure and other private cloud technologies.

Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI helps IT teams automate workflows and help organisations shorten app deployment. ENA provides visibility of the SDN overlay and Nexus kit that Cisco ACI runs on.

Configuration Management

Improve operational efficiency by pushing configurations to thousands of devices and ports within single- and multi-server environments. Monitor network configuration changes easily.

Predictive Trending

Predictive trends can be added to any time-series chart, and projections made of what the network data might be in the future. This allows teams to spot potential issues before they happen.

Powerful Dashboard Builder

Entuity has created the most powerful dashboard builder in the industry. Use Dynamic Dashboards to achieve in minutes what would normally take months.


Entuity RESTful API creates efficiencies for organizations with large networks looking to automate regular maintenance tasks in the NOC, or for MSPs needing to automate operations.

Entuity proactively highlighted areas to address before they became service-impacting issues, allowing us to ultimately provide better services to our customers.


Kristin Morris

Manager, Network Management Applications, Dell

It is vital that our network is running to the best of its availability at all times. Entuity has enabled us to make effective use of capacity, as well as identify faults before they have had any significant impact.


Manager of Network Services

Large Financial Services Company

Entuity satisfied our network management system requirements with its all-in-one solution—minimizing the number of tools we need, helping us manage our costs and deliver services more effectively.


Mike Faust

Network Design Engineer, University of Minnesota