Network Hygiene

What does an ideal server room look like? Probably not filled with server room spaghetti, a term created by network professionals to describe unorganized cables. The perfect server room is clear of clutter, broken technology, dust, and has everything clearly labeled. If something were to go wrong, it’s easy to get to the problem because the room is organized.

Now apply this idea to your network management solution. Is your solution clear of digital clutter? Such as old and outdated files? Are your files correctly labeled and in the right spot? Is your solution updated to the latest version of the software? The organization of your internal infrastructure should be just as organized as your physical infrastructure.


When you organize your network, more often you’re left at the mercy of your management tool. The organizational structure they develop is what you are left to work with. There are not a lot of ways to be creative when organizing. This leaves little up to you, the actual organizer.


The key to organization is customization

Over time, messy network solutions affect your overall operational efficiency, productivity and ultimately prevent your organization from achieving its goals. Your network can be cluttered with files and programs that you no longer need or use.  Surrounding yourself with digital clutter such as this is more detrimental to productivity then you may realize.  The time you spend searching for correct files in unorganized networks adds up.  Unorganized network infrastructure has consequences. The average executive loses an hour of productivity every single day searching for missing information according to Larry Alton, an independent business consultant at [1]. The more time and energy spent searching means less time actually being productive.  It’s not just your mind and plate being bogged down by digital clutter, but your computer as well.  Slow machines are another cause for decreased productivity.  Computers cannot run efficiently or effectively if they are too cluttered.

The network is the heart of your business, and if something goes wrong the problem needs to be identified quickly and effectively, which cannot be done if the infrastructure is unorganized. While poor network hygiene can hinder your network from performing optimally, it can also negatively affect your mental health as well.


The future of network organization lies in the development of more customizable solutions. Perhaps eventually artificial network intelligence will organize and clean out our network for us. Machine learning will understand the phycology of human organization and apply it to your management solution. Imagine someone having to come in and physically clean your server room. Now with machine learning, you can have your solution organize itself for you. As product developers create newer and smarter features, these organizational needs may not be as far off as we thought.

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